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Saeed K.

A Business Trainer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Training and Development Professional
With over twelve years of experience as a trainer, coach and mentor, Saeed specializes in developing and growing the talent capability of senior executives and their teams and focuses on delivering outstanding business results.

Saeed’s experience expands across Europe, North America & Middle East. Most recently, for the past four years he has gained extensive experience in handling training & developed programs for some of the largest National & Multinational Companies across GCC, the Middle East & North Africa region.

Saeed has developed a strong ability to relate to people from all walks of life and to connect to individuals and teams and by inspiring and bringing the best in them. He is passionate about adding value to each business he works with and aims to develop a long term business relationship with all of the training and development clients. For this reason, Saeed shares this passion and consistently demonstrates a high level of integrity, customer service and professionalism.

Saeed’s commitment to excellence and his knowledge and understanding of the local culture give him a unique and informed perspective from which he can contribute significant value to any organization.

Skills & Industry Experience
• Experience in training of soft skill & behavioral training in areas of Leadership
• Fully responsible for the design, development and presentation of training materials
• He utilizes case studies and activities to address belief systems that underpin work success
• Saeed has trained delegates from many different industries, + 40 different companies in over 10 countries in MENA area
• Recognized for superior services and impact
• Developed new training programs, conducted internal and external training courses, orientation projects and arrange on-job training at various fields such as Management & Leadership, Communication skills, Marketing and Sales

Facilitated Courses:
 Developing Emotional Intelligence
 Developing High Performance Leadership
 Life, Stress & Time Management/Priority Management
 Decision Making & Problem Solving
 Realizing Your Potential
 Effective Supervisory Skills
 Art of Communication
 Team Effectiveness-Collaborating for Success
 The Dysfunctions of a team
 Providing excellent Customer Service
 Negotiation Skills
 Change Awareness & Change Management
 Presentation skills and public Speaking
 Coaching and Mentoring for Results
 Office Management

ADX- Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange
OmanTel DP World
Dewa - Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
ADEC- Abu Dhabi Education Council
Durrat Al Bahrain
QAPCO - Qatar Petrochemical Company
Alfahim Group
HAAD - Health Authority- Abu Dhabi
Dolphin Energy
Aljazeera Channel
ADEC - Abu Dhabi Education Council
Oryx GTL
ADMA OPCO - Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company
Qatar Steel
Fast Talco ConcoPhillips
QF-Qatar Foundation
Sohar Aluminium
Dubai Custom, Barwa
ZADCO - Zakum Development Company
Oxy - Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Borough Petro Chemicals
QP-Qatar Petroleum
Mohammad Al-Mojil Group
ZAIN Kuwait
ADPC – Abu Dhabi Port Company



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Saeed's Training Expertise

24 Years of Experience

Presentation Skills

For the past 12 years I have been training and developing thousands of delegates accross continents.

I had delivered hundreds of presentations with passion to audience as big as few hundreds accross North America and MENA Region; As a result, I get multiple repeat businesses from big corporations.

22 Years of Experience


I have attended tens of leadership seminars, read and listened to hundreds of Leadership materials and taught leadership principles to thousands of people for the past decade and beyond.

I have been coached and mentored the principles of leadership by some of the finest mentors and coaches in North America for more than 14 years.

I have applied my deep underrstanding of these principles by serrving teams and developing organizations.

27 Years of Experience

Change Management

I have been teaching the importance of Self Awareness and Self Management and the principle of Private Victory before Public Victory for more than 15 years.

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