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Prakash R.

A Business Trainer from Trivandrum, India

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Motivation, Communication, Leadership and Team Building
Prakash has built up a provocative and inspiring approach to leadership and management development that is extensively sought after. A professional speaker and trainer renowned for his high-energy presentations and seminars aimed at achieving results. He is passionate about good leadership and effective management and how it can transform both organizations and individuals. An innovative practitioner of leadership and management development, he promotes authentic leadership programmes, master-classes in management development.

He plays an active role in various professional bodies and is also a guest speaker at various educational and management institutes. He likes to conduct his programmes in lively, humorous and interactive manner. Prakash is a Certified trainer in Service Delivery Programme and has a Certificate in Yoga Teachers Training.

He has over 15 years experience in training officials, corporate staff, youth and students. His seminars stimulate the latent desire of every human being – inner fulfilment. He draws upon knowledge, ideas, experiences and examples from diverse areas which can strike a chord with the participants and encourages people to look within themselves. His training methodology also involves the use of participatory techniques, relaxations, meditation etc.

His expertises are in the area of Man Management Skills and Motivation. Attitudinal Programs are tailor-made to the customer’s needs to bring out the desired outcome from the participants. His strengths lie in his personal involvement with the participants so as bring out the best in them.

Favourite training areas include Leadership Skills, Team Work, Communications Skills, Presentation Skills, Time Management and Personal Effectiveness. His motivation programs will stimulate you to give a deeper and richer meaning to life and to be what you are really capable of being.

Prakash appeared in many TV shows and Radio-Broadcasts on more than 50 occasions as an expert interviewee. Published 100s of articles in leading daily papers



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Prakash's Training Expertise

25 Years of Experience


Conducted various training programmes on leadership - 'Find the leader in You' being a popular programme

25 Years of Experience

Presentation Skills

Conducted more than 500 effective public speaking courses for youth, students and professionals

25 Years of Experience

Stress Management

Yoga teacher, yoga and stress management
Offers meditation sessions regularly for various clients
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