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Ansi Du P.

A Business Speaker from Fourways Sandton, South Africa

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Ansi Du's Speaking Profile

Motivating you to reach your potential
Ansi is an internationally recognized speaker, features in the Who’s Who of Women in the World and has empowered thousands of people to achieve success through her interventions for over ten years. Her Coaching and workshops are based on experience, science and emotional intelligence as she draws parallels between life experiences and the situations organizations are challenged with.

The very nature of today’s business environment where events such as reorganization, volatile economic markets, political and social changes constantly confront organizations requires minimum disorder. As Ansi describes it, events happen that we sometimes have no control over, other than the way in which we choose to handle them. Each of us chooses as a result of past experiences and in-born characteristics but choice is the common denominator.

Using the narrative, she convincingly weaves descriptive accounts into her presentations from her own personal experience of living. Audiences are inspired to tap into their inner being to grow and improve upon their strengths to see challenges from a new perspective.

Performance management, coaching and personal development sessions are added from an employee wellness point of view to assist companies to boost the bottom line from a productivity point of view. Her extensive research on human needs and behavior has lead her to develop a new model taking Maslow, psychological triggers and energy to a whole new level which shows the correlation between motivation and productivity.

Ansi is registered with the Councel for Counsellors in South Africa and has lectured at the University of Potch and Bloemfontein and also served on a committee for the University of Johannesburg.

Although she runs interventions on Emotional Wisdom; Customer Excellence; Mentoring and Coaching, Team Resilience, Authentic Management and stress management, her ‘Genius at Work’ series which focuses on future leaders is her favourite. This intervention is run in four phases called ‘The Quest’ based on a journey to the Land of Strategy; the Land of Possibility and the Land of Experience. Pre workshop reading for this journey is essential with Dr Paulo Coehlo adding a personalized message to the ‘travelers’. She is joined by seasoned Mentors like Dr Dumi Magadlela; Dr Brand Pretorius, Dr Jan Cloete, Dr Johan Smith and many others leaving a legacy of enlightened thinking.

Ansi is a Narrative Specialist and Corporate/Life educator, specialising in profiling individuals and teams to become more productive, reach their goals and discover passion in what they do.

Emotional, Social and Spiritual intelligence ensures the discovery of hidden beliefs and setting free the authentic person. Brain organisation, sensory and trait profiling provides the core of all interventions.

She is part of a consortium of specialists networking in all areas of human development. Her Ph.D focussed on the ‘human drives’ vs ‘company drives’ taking into account the brain organisation of individuals.

Ansi is constantly researching and discovering and find that synchronicity provides exciting opportunities to further her goal of holistic "healing" of old psychological contracts and energy blocks.

Ansi’s Specialties:

Linking brain and energy processes, using sensory experiences and human drives and psychological triggers to unleash potential.



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Ansi Du's Speaking Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Stress Management

In order to manage stress it is important to know your profile and what happens to you (uniquely) under stress so that you are equipped to handle it.

45 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

Excellence in output and input makes you a valued person

45 Years of Experience


To lead effectively thorough understanding of style is extremely important. Look over your shoulder and see if you have followers
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