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Mathew T.

A Business Trainer from Mumbai, India

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Mathew's Specialty

As a Master Leadership Trainer, Business Storytelling Trainer and Stress Management Trainer, I have conducted hundreds of motivational workshops, keynote speeches and Leadership Sessions, including Business Storytelling, Data Storytelling, First Time Managers, The next level Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Nurturing Leadership, and the Art and Science of Storytelling.

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Mathew's Training Profile

Leadership Training and Business Storytelling Consultant.
Mathew is a Passionate trainer, advisor to large corporate and is rated among the top keynote speakers on leadership in India. Leadership, Business Storytelling Stress Management, Collaboration Skills and First Time Manager Training are few of his favourites.

He has already spoken in front of tens of thousands of enthusiastic audience, participants across Asia at Fortune 500 companies and major associations.

Nominated as Top 25 Learning and Development Consultant in India for 2 consecutive years.

Mathew is widely known for his transformational talks in corporate workshops, conferences or any corporate event via a highly engaging, interactive and inspirational keynote speeches.

With his LECTURE and NO POWERPOINT approach Mathew gets the audience thinking, engaged and with just the right amount of laughter, presenting in a way everyone can relate to and BELIEVE ! All who hear him speak will surely walk away knowing that personal TRANSFORMATION IS POSSIBLE for them.

Just the right amount of LAUGHTER. His often amusing true life stories, mesmerizing delivery style, along with ancient Indian philosophies and wisdom, gets the audience thinking for once for sure :

There seems to be a better way of travelling this path called Life



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Mathew's Training Expertise

19 Years of Experience

Stress Management

With a doctoral degree in Stress Management, Mathew brings you the simplest methods to love and live life in a profound way.

17 Years of Experience


Speaks extensively to CXO's on the fundamentals of modern day leadership.
The Art and Science of Storytelling.

17 Years of Experience


Motivational talks, at the face of it is nothing, but a gust of wind with limited lasting effects.

By the time the so called motivational speaker reaches his home, the wind of motivation would have almost passed away.

So, that shouting of the speaker, yelling, jumping everything does make a difference, but in a very ordinary way.

I propose and suggest the other way, stay peaceful, stay calm, composed and
invite your audience into an inward journey.

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