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International Motivational Speaker and Leadership Trainer
Simerjeet is a professional speaker and trainer renowned for his innovative and high-energy presentations and training workshops aimed at inspiring people to achieve results.

His message resonates with people from vastly varied backgrounds and his ideas stimulate the audience to take a second look at their lives.

Simerjeet is a Certified NLP Practitioner (UK) and has a Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching from the Coaching Academy in London. He has over a decade of global business experience with FT 500 companies in the hospitality industry in Asia, Middle East, America, Europe and Australia.

Leadership positions in these diverse cultures offered Simerjeet a chance to study the intricacies of human behaviour in people centric environs and to reap a rich harvest of wisdom and insightful experiences which he now shares with his audience.

An inner calling to reach out and assist individuals and organizations realize their true potential; to add richness and value to their lives was the defining moment in his life; Ever since, Simerjeet has taken rapid strides and brought a whiff of freshness, intensity and honesty to the field of motivational speaking and corporate training.

His workshops stimulate the latent desire of every human being – inner fulfilment. He draws upon knowledge, ideas, experiences, stories and examples from diverse areas which can strike a chord with the participants and encourages people to look within themselves.

Motivation, Leadership, Inner Peace, Winning with People, Stress Management, Success, Change, Self Esteem, Team Building, Purpose driven Life, Law of Attraction, Goal Setting, Dealing with adversity are examples of some of the speaking topics available through Simerjeet.

Simerjeet’s Keynotes Speeches are exciting, innovative, and powerful, which would give you the tools to create passion in your life and will keep you hanging on every word. The goal of every keynote speech differs, but Simerjeet’s ultimate aim is to educate and stimulate the mind, touch the right chord of emotions, cause a stirring within and challenge the existing boundaries of will power.

Simerjeet's clients in India, Nepal, Bahrain and Oman include, among others, Alembic Limited India, BenQ, Birla Sunlife Insurance, Mumbai, Reliance ADA Group, The British Council, Ebrahim K. Kanoo Group Bahrain, IBM Daksh India, Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), Education UK, Mahindra & Mahindra, GNA Group India, UKIERI, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Population Services International (PSI), Corbus India Pvt. Ltd., Ericsson, India Bangalore, Essential Healthcare Limited, India, Itron India, Noida, Intellisecure, Oman, Leaders Bahrain, NBTI Nepal, Tata Motors New Delhi, Sara Group Noida, Indian Paints and Coating Association, New Delhi, EMC2 India, PSI Mumbai.

" Enjoyed every minute of the program, very informative... Our Coach Simerjeet was excellent"
Khalid Safa Abdul Rahim, Manager, PR & Events, Ebrahim K. Kanoo Group, Bahrain

“Simerjeet has the ability to energize and invigorate the team by his eloquent communication style, which is very interactive. There is never a dull moment in his training. One of the best that our teams have attended till date”
Sanjay Lakhanpal, Chief Operating Officer

"Program is very well structured. Simerjeet has a unique blend of high energy and subtle communication skill hitting the heart with the right message."
Sudhir Hansrane RCL, General Manager

Totally captivated and awed by the whole learning experience. Mindblowing!!"
Gayathri.V - Manager, Education (UK), British Council

"I just loved the pace of it all. The fact that I just wanted to close my eyes and listen, just listen to what was being said (2 minutes into the program) told me how much I was going to enjoy it and I did!
Kanta Vadehra, Head School Programmes (India)

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Simerjeet S.


22 Years of Experience
His Inspiration/Motivation Competency involves thought provoking questioning techniques, uncovering sub-conscious barriers, modelling successful people, creating empowering beliefs and self evaluation exercises and commitment to results.

His motivation programs will stimulate you to give a deeper and richer meaning to life and to be what you are really capable of being.

His approach involves teaching a man to fish so that this in-spiration lasts long after the seminar is over and so that the participants can reflect at the positive changes they achieve in life and say, ‘We did this ourselves!’
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22 Years of Experience
His Core Leadership Training Strategies are centred on the following:

Winning hearts and minds: The Essence of True Leadership.

What factors really create the kind of influence that inspires people to follow a leader?

What can we learn from the great leaders in History? How can we apply their principles in our lives?

Do people follow you because they have to or because they want to?

His Leadership Programs combine case studies, group exercises, simulations, self-evaluation and EI to unleash the leader within the participants.
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Team Building

22 Years of Experience
Simerjeet has over 9 years of global experience working with over 35 different nationalities.

His first hand business management experience in building winning teams working in 5 countries enables him to bring practical, proven and result orientated team building strategies to the training room.

His message is free of jargon and is easy to understand and apply. His methodology is intensely thought provoking and communicates to the sub-conscious brain.
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Business Articles by Simerjeet

Simerjeet S.
3 High-Value, Free, Ad-Free & Full-Text Articles

Mahatma Gandhi's Leadership Philosophy In The 21st Century

'You have to be the change that you want to see in the world' Mahatma Gandhi
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Stress Management - What Choices Are You Making?

Stress is taking huge toll on the personal and professional lives of many of us. And this epidemic is not restricted to the developed countries only. Emerging ...
50   |   4.3 K   |   5 min

The Power Of Action- Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

The key to a more fulfilling and purposeful life lies in consistent, positive Action.
50   |   3.82 K   |   5 min

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