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David T.

Grandmaster Of Memory; Guinness Book Of Record Breaker

A specialist Celebrity Speaker from Bradford, United Kingdom

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27 Years specialisation in

I have an incredible life story of going from a childhood of extreme domestic abuse through being an operational fire-fighter for 11 years to developing one of the most powerful memories in history. Because of this I have written a book which became a #1 bestseller (going to the top of the charts in The Sunday Times bestseller list in March 2008, the equivalent of the New York Times bestseller list), spoken internationally in 16 countries and appeared in the media over 400 times worldwide to over 200 million people.

My story is one of overcoming extreme adversity and the lessons I learned in the process. How our past does not dictate our future; that perception does not match reality; how we all have the potential to be so much than we believe; that technique and the correct flexible strategy will see us achieve our total and optimum personal and professional performance.

It is a very powerful speech that has been heard by Government ministers, CEOs, payroll staff, fire-fighters, Olympic athletes, blind business people, in fact, delegates from every single type of public and private organisation.

I am an ideal speaker to open your conference and get people excited and motivated about what they are going to do for the rest of your event.

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27 Years specialisation in
Memory Improvement

I have one of the most powerful memories in history. I am the undefeated US Memory Champion, a multiple memory record holder, have broken a Guinness memory record (for reciting Pi - 3.14159... - to 22,500 digits from memory) and am a current memory world record holder.

It is this ability, coupled with 12 years of experience sharing my knowledge with delegates from 16 different countries, that I bring to your event.

I will share with your delegates a toolbox of easy to learn techniques and strategies that will enable them to dramatically improve their memory.

The session is highly interactive. The delegates will do exercises that are measurable and quantifiable, proving that the techniques work, even before they have left the room.

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Grandmaster of Memory; Guinness Book of Record Breaker

David is an international speaker, #1 bestselling author and media personality specializing in motivation and memory.

David T. had a very challenging upbringing. His mother was an abusive alcoholic and this overshadowed his whole childhood. At the age of 16 he got into trouble and was expelled from school. He joined the Fire Service at 20 and subsequently failed his promotion exams. He bought a book on memory in a desperate attempt to pass his exams and found he had a gift. Within 8 months of buying the book he went to The World Memory Championships and came 4th. He has since gone on to develop one of the most powerful memories in history.

Guinness record breaker
He is an undefeated US Memory Champion and a multiple memory record holder, even breaking a Guinness record by reciting the math formula Pi (3.14159….) to 22,500 digits from memory.

#1 Bestselling author
His life story has resulted in him writing a book which became a #1 bestseller, going to the top of the charts in The Sunday Times (the UK equivalent of the New York Times) in March 2008.

Appearing on Oprah
He is in constant demand by the media as the world’s leading authority on memory improvement. He has performed more than 400 media interviews worldwide to more than 200 million people, including going on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

International speaker
David has spoken in 15 countries as far afield as Iran, Iceland, India and Ireland. This vast international experience has shown that his messages and what he teaches transcend every single barrier – age, sex, religion, race, colour, – to produce a permanent change in behavior.

Fun, engaging and personalised
David has a fun, charismatic and engaging style as you would expect from someone who was an operational fire-fighter for 11 years. But just as importantly, he personalizes every talk to your industry and business using information and statistics that he has researched first. He will work closely with you to match your exact needs and theme for the event.

What his Clients say
“I want to thank you for your session that you did recently for my group. I gave you a score of 10 out of 10, which in the fourteen years that I have been involved in this business booking speakers, is only the second time I have done so. I would offer you some feedback but I am afraid there is none as it was truly excellent.”
Brian Chernitt, Founder, Academy for Chief Executives

"He is a very special person. As an International Grandmaster of Memory his achievements are awesome. While, as a speaker, he successfully mixes humility and humor to captivate, educate and amaze his audiences. Everybody who is serious about their success should move mountains to hear him."
Steve Pipe -International Author
Entrepreneur of the Year

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for the close that you provided at our recent conference. I was delighted and the feedback we had from the delegates was excellent. One even commented that the day had been designed around your presentation. He simply couldn't believe that the fit was so appropriate. I wish you every success in the future."
Kate Gibbs -National Small Business Development Manager
Barclays Bank

"The guy is an icon and instantly won over the audience with his simple 'anyone can do this' approach. While the session was certainly aimed at the fun aspect of learning it also allowed me to go away and apply the techniques in my job. Thanks for a brilliant and inspirational performance."
Paul Andrews - Learning and Development Manager

"He is a very real person. He is humorous, honest and completely genuine. I never realized that such a successful person could be so real that I could find comparisons with myself. That is what your presentation enables you to discover. Success is not magic, it is not a gift from the Gods. Success is something that we can all achieve. He made me realize that success does not have to be a spectator sport."
Helen Jones
Baan Corporate Office Solutions
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