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A Celebrity Speaker from Bradford, United Kingdom

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Grandmaster of Memory; Guinness Book of Record Breaker
Imagine a speaker who can motivate, educate and entertain all at the same time. David brings all these and more besides to create humorous and engaging presentations that your delegates will never forget.

Motivation - his life is a triumphal story of success over adversity. His mother was an alcoholic, he was an academic failure at school and became a fire-fighter at 20. At 27 he taught himself how to improve his memory, came 4th in his first World Memory Championships and has gone on to become one of the most successful and talented memorisers in the history of memory sport. His main memory feat is to have recited Pi (3.14159¦) to 22,500 digits without error.

Education - David is the world's leading authority on memory skills. He will give delegates an insight into their own unlimited mental potential. They will learn practical skills that will enhance their professional performance.

Entertainment - David believes in using a lot of humour to get his message across. He is a gifted storyteller and has many hilarious anecdotes from his 11 years as an operational fire-fighter that have to be heard to be believed. He also gives demonstrations of his own phenomenal skills. A man who walks his talk.

Playing the cards
It's not the cards you are dealt in life, but the way that you play them! David shares with the delegates his winning formula for taking himself from academic failure at school to a Guinness Book of Records® record holder inside two years of spending £6 on a memory book. An unbelievable and truly inspirational presentation.

- Success is not a gift from the Gods
- Attitude is everything
- Don't blame the system
- Mistakes are learning lessons for success

You are what you can remember
Our memories are at the very centre of our professional performance. Yet, most people use less than 5% of its capability. As the world's leading expert on memory skills David will give the delegates an insight into their own awesome untapped potential.

- The power of the brain and memory
- Simple techniques that can be applied to any industry
- How to use mental skills in the workplace
- Learning is the engine for commercial progress



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David's Speaking Expertise

31 Years of Experience


I have an incredible life story of going from a childhood of extreme domestic abuse through being an operational fire-fighter for 11 years to developing one of the most powerful memories in history. Because of this I have written a book which became a #1 bestseller (going to the top of the charts in The Sunday Times bestseller list in March 2008, the equivalent of the New York Times bestseller list), spoken internationally in 16 countries and appeared in the media over 400 times worldwide to over 200 million people.

My story is one of overcoming extreme adversity and the lessons I learned in the process. How our past does not dictate our future; that perception does not match reality; how we all have the potential to be so much than we believe; that technique and the correct flexible strategy will see us achieve our total and optimum personal and professional performance.

It is a very powerful speech that has been heard by Government ministers, CEOs, payroll staff, fire-fighters, Olympic athletes, blind business people, in fact, delegates from every single type of public and private organisation.

I am an ideal speaker to open your conference and get people excited and motivated about what they are going to do for the rest of your event.

31 Years of Experience

Memory Improvement

I have one of the most powerful memories in history. I am the undefeated US Memory Champion, a multiple memory record holder, have broken a Guinness memory record (for reciting Pi - 3.14159... - to 22,500 digits from memory) and am a current memory world record holder.

It is this ability, coupled with 12 years of experience sharing my knowledge with delegates from 16 different countries, that I bring to your event.

I will share with your delegates a toolbox of easy to learn techniques and strategies that will enable them to dramatically improve their memory.

The session is highly interactive. The delegates will do exercises that are measurable and quantifiable, proving that the techniques work, even before they have left the room.

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