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Bruce is one of Australia’s most dynamic and sought after keynote speakers and is a proven performer in achieving results through people for over 27 years.

He is a father of two children and he currently balances this with being a Director of nine private companies. He is also author of of a number of best-selling books. Bruce has worked with individuals, families, businesses and communities providing education and opportunities for personal improvement. It is this experience that has given Bruce a unique understanding of our ability to relate to one another in the workplace and at home. This is what sets his work apart and gives a very practical and timely insight into the human side of the corporate environment.

His enthusiastic, entertaining and hands-on approach gets long term tangible results and has resulted in 100% of his work being generated from repeat and referral business, which is of course the strongest possible testimony to his skills.

He brings to the professional speaking environment a diverse and successful career. Managing his own businesses since his teens, he has confirmed his business acumen in the areas of retailing, service, wholesale operations and real estate. By age 24 he had established his own million-dollar network of businesses.

Bruce will engage and inspire you to do what it takes to be the best that you can possibly be in a world where change is constant and relationships are fragile.

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Bruce S.


36 Years of Experience
Our modern workforce and lifestyle places many demands on our time and energy. Constant change, families and increasing expectations from ALL areas of work and life will either energise you OR drain the life out of you. So how do we focus our attention to ensure that we get what we truly want out of our profession and our life?

How do we overcome the obstacles to genuine effectiveness and maximise our own individual input into our team and our families to ensure an effective relationship?

We will go through an educational and entertaining journey that will help you to build resilience and rediscover how to keep yourself focused and energised to do what really counts!
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Organisational Development

36 Years of Experience
Developing a genuine understanding of the change process,

Providing practical ways to move quickly through the changes,

Increasing the 'change coping capacity toolkit' in preparation for more change,

Providing direction and practical tools for leaders in managing the emotional transition phase with their team and business,

Reduce the cost to the business by providing a catalyst for leaders to move them and their teams quickly through the change process
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Professional Development

36 Years of Experience
Recharging stressed out hard working individuals and teams,
Change fatigue with more change to come,
Maintaining motivation momentum -yours and your teams!

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