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Ilana A.

A Business Trainer from London, United Kingdom

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Ilana's Training Profile

Learning & Development - Trainer, Facilitator and Coach
Ilana joined a well known London-based training firm in 1999, following 10 years of working extensively with groups and individuals in a number of organisations. She has over seven years experience with clients in the financial, professional services and media/advertising sectors and over ten years experience managing and facilitating groups and teams.

She works at all levels but predominantly with middle to senior managers. She is a dynamic facilitator, coach and trainer, focussing mainly on supporting clients with management and leadership development, and culture change. She is accredited in the use of a variety of psychometric testing tools.

Ilana completed her first degree in Education before going on to study a Postgraduate qualification in Behavioural Sciences and Psychology. She has a MSc in Organisational Psychology from the University of East London.

Ilana is accredited in the use of a variety of psychometric testing tools.



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Ilana's Training Expertise

27 Years of Experience

Professional Development

Designing and delivering training courses for organisations - mainly focusing on the areas of communication and interpersonal skills.

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23 Years of Experience


Helping people to manage professional issues and where they affect their work and personal life. The coaching process helps individuals develop self-awareness,understand how their behaviour impacts upon their role and others, and improves their ability to fulfil their role and reach their potential.

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23 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

As a facilitator - leading client thinking with senior teams and groups - aligning vision and business processes, with practical implementation; strategic business development with implementation; and turning round dysfunctional teams.
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