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Nikhil D.  
A Trainer from Mumbai, India

International Trainer, Speaker, Motivator

Nikhil D. India
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I am a sportsman and a management graduate from USA. I received the Life Time Achievement Award Recipient - World HRD Congress for my work as an International Speaker, Motivator & Trainer for the last 27 years with more than a quarter million participants in 53 cities of the world.
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Nikhil's Training Portfolio

Professional Development * 28 Years

I help executives develop in the various areas one would need to be effective.

My aim is to enhance individual & organizational excellence by combining the wisdom of the east with the latest trends from the west.

My programs on Personal Development will help people become internal winners with the accompanying benefits of clear thinking, effective decision-making, creativity and a sense of belonging and relatedness. These are the essential qualities that will enable the organization to function more effectively and productively.

Stress Management * 28 Years

Changing lifestyles, technological advances and a very intensely competitive business environment have created tremendous tension for all of us. With the fast pace of life in the modern world we are all feeling burnt out as stress is slowly but surely taking its toll.

No executive or company can afford to ignore the effects of stress.

Stress affects decision making, interpersonal relations, the quality of work and the level of productivity.

My programs on Stress Management will enable participants to counteract the harmful effects of stress, improve the quality of life and to be efficient and effective even under pressure.

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Presentation Skills * 28 Years

Success is achieved if one has the power to influence, persuade and motivate others.

Whether an inexperienced speaker or one who would like to improve upon their existing presentation skills this program will deliver the practical tips they are looking for.

My programs on Presentation Skills will enable the participants to face the audience with confidence and conquer presentation fears, recognize strengths and overcome concerns through constructive feedback and deliver presentations in a clear, concise and convincing manner.

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Nikhil D.'s Profile

International Trainer, Speaker, Motivator

Nikhil is an International Speaker, Motivator and Trainer. A powerful presenter with an energetic speaking style, Nikhil inspires & motivates his participants to produce lasting change. More than a quarter million people have benefited from his presentations in 53 cities of the world in the last 27 years.

Nikhil graduated with an MBA from USA where he stood first in his university. Thereafter he worked in New York.

After returning to India he set up manufacturing facilities and industries in the textile and automobile sectors. Nikhil received the Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient at the World HRD Congress. He has appeared on Television & Radio in India, New York, California, Philippines, South Africa & Oman.


Nikhil has specialized in conducting programs on In Pursuit Of Excellence – Unleashing The Potential In Yourself , Achieving Excellence At Work, Customer Care, Delivering High Impact Presentations, Energizing The Body and Mind, Excellence In Communication Skills, Executive Development, Interpersonal Skills, Management Development, Personal Excellence, Successful Selling Skills, Stress Management, Supervisory Excellence, Team Building, The Art Of Leadership, Time Management & Work Life Balance.
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Mumbai, India

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Shell GasACCAmbujaAonBASFBGBNP ParibasBSEBank SoharBarclays BankCadburyCap GeminiCastrolCaterpillarCibaCiplaClariantDHLDeloiteDeutsche BankDowE YEssarFostersGEGodrejHolicmITCKoneKotakL TLoweM MMaerskNokiaNovartisOberoiPWCPepsicoPfizerRanbaxyRelianceSandozSiemensTataUnileverWhirlpoolWiproAC NielsenJ JThomas Cook
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National Institute Of Personnel Management (NIPM) NHRD World Trade Centre The National Honor Society The International Economic Honor Society
High Expertise Level Passion Strong Communication Interpersonal Skills Sense of humour Friendly and sociable Deeply committed
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Qualified yoga practioner for more than twenty years Excellent sportsman
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