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Barry is an energetic, self-motivating and highly successful team builder and team player whose outstanding international track record emphasises his Consultancy and Management achievements. He has demonstrated clear strategic thinking, influential delivery skills and positive leadership in worldwide, multi-cultural situations. He is a published author and regular guest speaker on the international circuit.

He has been working in the areas of Leadership, Competency and Assessment for over two decades and in 16 countries worldwide. An electronics engineer he first came to the GCC region almost 20 years ago. He has been based almost exclusively in the Middle East since 1996, and in the UAE since 1999, during which time he has designed and implemented some of the most successful Localisation projects in the GCC.

Barry is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and his recent international experience includes working with companies such as the Emirates National Oil Company, National Bank of Dubai, Deloitte & Touche, Shell International, the Government of Sharjah, the Government of Oman, and the Government of Qatar.

This corporate exposure complements his commercial and academic experience at colleges and universities worldwide, as well as underpinning his consultancy work with various local and national government departments.

He focuses on a number of areas that cover the spectrum of management selection and development in areas such as:

Assessment Centres - a cost-effective method of identifying people for selection, recruitment and manpower planning. He has been designing and delivering centres for more than 15 years, aimed at filling all levels of responsibility, worldwide.

Development Centres - the professional way to obtain maximum return on HR investment by identifying those who have the ability to grow given properly targeted opportunities, and to highlight those opportunities.

Competency & Competencies - with frameworks and profiles agreed and adopted by multi-national businesses and government bodies, Competency-based organisations are leading the world and gaining the greatest benefits from their people and materials investments. Barry has guided many organisations through single Job Function Deconstruction (JFD) or complete job families. Their international staff can provide frameworks guaranteed to improve your bottom line and achieve your business targets.

Professional Workshops - the analysis, design, delivery and validation of learning material, focusing on the core management competencies as agreed upon by the major industries worldwide, are covered in tailor-made workshops involving full delegate participation.

Inspirational Leadership - leadership requires special talents and skills, and it must be recognised and practiced. The elements of leadership - Motivation, Problem Solving, Delegation, Drive for Results, Managing Change, etc - must be experienced, and providing that experience is his speciality.

In addition to a number of First Degrees, post-Graduate awards and Masters level qualifications, he is registered with the British Psychological Society and he has over 20 years experience as a licensed user of psychometric materials for assessment, selection and development. Most recently, he has been active in the areas of Emotional Intelligence; Performance Management and Process Audit within the multicultural workforce in the GCC region.

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I Have Led Men And Women Through Wars In The Boardroom And On The Battlefield. I Have Assisted Governments
Multinationals And One-man Operations. I Have Operated In FMCG
Financial Services
Education And Government Sectors. All Because I Believe In People
And How Good They Can Be When They Are Valued And Respected.


Alternative Therapist (REIKI And Hypnotherapy)

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Barry C.

Professional Development

45 Years of Experience
Since my time as an assessor and selector of men and women wishing to become Officers in the British Army to the design and delivery of Professional Development Centres using cutting-edge psychometric and experiential tools to businesses world-wide, I have been committed to making people better.

General Management

45 Years of Experience
As first a Mechanical (Toolroom & Production)and then an Electronic (Computer and Control hardware)Engineer, I have held positions from operator to board Member and Director.

Then I set up my own companies and began working with multinationals to help solve their problems.

International Business and Trade

45 Years of Experience
I left England in 1970 to have a look at Hong Kong, and I have not settled down since. Brunei, Singapore, Australia, India, Pakistan, throughout the Gulf, Cyprus, Germany, England and Canada have all been part of my experience-gathering adventure. And I am still learning.

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Barry C.
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