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Sabine B.

A Consultant from Vienna, Austria

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Early Career Consultant
My clients typically face difficult decisions between seemingly endless choices in starting out fresh at any age; e.g. still in school or after Highschool/College graduation to mid-career reorientation.
I offer successful decision making tools, how you focus clearly on what actually works for you and fits individually. Besides teaching Talent Management and Change at universities, I offer individual consulting that provides clarity on career options and decisions. My clients are amazed how they gain energy already by visualising possibilities with the help of this innovative structured approach from dream to reality.

Living the boundaryless career myself, today I help others in focussing on what fits their personal strength, yet may lie beyond the obvious. With extensive globally mobile Talent and Change Project Management experience across diverse industries, an MBA and DBA from the triple (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA) accredited Henley Business School, University of Reading (UK), today I develop and facilitate creative learning experiences for everyone in small and large groups in Vienna and internationally.

Overall experience includes over 15 years of operational management across all HR functions and strategy development in advisory roles up to board level, with focus on Talent Management, international recruitment, development and reward.

I gained my cross-cultural management and consulting experience on four continents in such diverse sectors as Banking (HSBC), Pharmaceutical (Novartis), Technology (Novartis – Global IT), Engineering (ABB, SLB), Utilities (DEWA), Semi-/Government (Dubai World, Dubai Customs) and Hospitality (IHG), and Education (AUS, PSU, HWU, EBS, MU). Additionally, I provided interim-management, e.g. as Acting Head of School for a Business School Malaysia. Recent onsite working experience includes Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, UAE, Malaysia.



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Sabine's Consulting Expertise

32 Years of Experience

Professional Development

Encompassing professional qualifications and experience in processes and practices of talent management & executive coaching; MBA & DBA level tutoring and mentoring; Henley certified e-Learning facilitator.

22 Years of Experience

Knowledge Management

Doctoral research and application of knowledge transfer and integration processes of explicit and tacit dimensions.

34 Years of Experience

Cultural Awareness

First hand global work experience in cross-cultural teams;
master level and continued at Doctoral level research and application of cultural awareness concepts.
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