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Peter S.

A Consultant from Stow on the wold, United Kingdom

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Knowledge Management and IT Consultant
Peter is a highly motivated and experienced information technology specialists. He has considerable experience and has always provided his clients with state-of-the-art software solutions and strategic information technology consulting.

Peter also brings a conscious mix of business and technology skills (from accountancy, auditing, strategic IT consulting, project management and business software solution development to analysis, design, programming and object technology) a balance that ensures our solutions are technically sound, yet focussed on business requirements and benefits.

Peter has over 25 years experience in a broad range of industries, business functions and software solutions. His professional background includes Accountant, Software Engineer, Researcher contracts with PwC and IBM Belgium (primarily in fields of Knowledge Management and ICT), Business Requirements Specifications for software projects, Analysis, Design and Database Modelling.

Currently, Peter is working on product development for a software firm with the objective of building methods, tools and capability to utilise insights from Complex Adaptive Systems theory and other scientific disciplines in social systems.

Peter is a seasoned Business Intelligence and data warehouse solutions consultant; Certified QlikView (BI tool) analyst.



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Peter's Consulting Expertise

31 Years of Experience

eBusiness, eCommerce

Several projects envisaging, defining, designing, building and implementing full supply chain integration solutions for clients. This work included facilitating negotiations with suppliers in the supply chains to buy into the new approach and to define subsequent application services.

41 Years of Experience

IT - Information Technology

Envisioning, Analysis, design, project lead dozens of bespoke and packaged information technology applications. Specialization in business intelligence, data migration, application integration, knowledge management applications covering most industries. Experience also includes bespoke application development and databases in Microsoft platform, using component based (COM) techniques.

31 Years of Experience

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is a bit of a current buzz word and maybe its glamour is wearing a bit old. But there are many good reasons for most organisations to consider the way in which they encourage innovation and knowledge exploitation in their organisations.

You may think of knowledge management strategically, tactically or operationally. Strategically, we look at the whole way your organisation makes sense of its current situation and how open and supportive it is to the dynamics of innovation and improved strategic decision making. The result is an organisation that is much more aware of the complexities surrounding its internal and market place behaviour dynamics, which results in improved competence in influencing organisational capabilities to improve competitiveness, profitability and market survival.

Tactically, we can show you how to ensure that your investment in knowledge management technology delivers to your organisations strategic objectives, how it supports good knowledge management principles and how effective it is in meeting the social and cultural challenges knowledge management technology has to meet.

Operationally, we have specialisation in information retrieval. It is all about helping your staff find the right content to support their needs at the time they need it, within the context they are going to use it and without overloading them with irrelevant documents. It is about building and supporting truly effective virtual or real communities and teams vital for the success of modern organisations. Finally, it is about ensuring that your staff do not waste huge amounts of their time and energy performing knowledge acquisition tasks made difficult by poor access to written content and proper human contact.
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