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Patricia D.

A Consultant from Seattle, United States

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Over 15 years of WW eCommerce for Symantec and The Company
Entrepreneurial eCommerce Sales and Online Marketing expert with a 15+-year proven track record of sales results. Led the business strategy and operations for several multi-million dollar global eCommerce sites and programs including and while achieving high profitability targets and aggressive sales growth rates.

Extensive experience designing and implementing eCommerce strategies and models that support direct sales as well as field and channel sales processes.

Highly innovative online marketing professional with rich inbound and outbound online marketing experience.

Specialties: e-Commerce sales and online marketing (B2C and B2B), Business development, Online marketing, E-fulfillment supply chain, Web architecture and usability strategy, Global eCommerce practices, entrepreneurship



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Patricia's Consulting Expertise

26 Years of Experience

eBusiness, eCommerce

Extensive experience in the Global eCommerce industry managing all business aspects of multi-million dollar eCommerce sites including and The Company My areas of expertise are: e-Commerce and Direct sales (B2C and B2B), Business Development , Online marketing, E-fulfillment supply chain, Web architecture and usability strategy in the internet security industry, Global eCommerce practices and environments.

26 Years of Experience

Digital Marketing

SEM, Affiliate, Social media, eCommerce Marketing, email and direct marketing, etc.
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