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Willem M.

A Consultant from Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Willem's Consulting Profile

Strategic Innovation Consultant
Experienced Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in launching Strategic Innovation initiatives, both in blue chip and startup environments. Background in Digital, Sustainability, Tacit, Emergent & Organisational Learning.

Willem's core business is knowledge and innovation management. Modern technology has created groundbreaking ways to create and disseminate information. However, turning information into knowledge and innovation requires more than just technology. Making the most of your knowledge starts with a clear strategy and the right mindset.

Combining the human touch with high tech has been our strong point from the start. Since 2000 Willem has helped a wide range of businesses and organizations to maximize the return on their knowledge: tangible results derived from your most valuable asset.

He combines a broad range of expertise in strategy, information technology and marketing with consulting and business backgrounds. Additionally, he taps into a knowledge pool of our committed network of academic and business pioneers.

All this enables us to stay in tune with the latest developments in the areas of knowledge and innovation management. After all, it's knowledge that makes our world go round.

Willem holds a Master in Management & Organisation from the University of Groningen and in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh. As a management consultant, he specializes in the analytical side of concept development and in the delivery of innovative digital solutions for organisations or networks.

He co-developed a number of new initiatives such as razorfish's internal broadband capability, leonardo.com, design.nl, kennisrotonde.nl, cultuurweb.be and for blue chip clients. His latest creation is a specialised, digital publishing house with a web based library of reusable and exchangeable management models for a community of MBA graduates, executives, academic scholars and management consultants.

Willem’s Specialties:
consultancy industry, management literature, knowledge management, professional services, information design, Strategic Innovation



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Willem's Consulting Expertise

24 Years of Experience

Knowledge Management

- specialised in project managing KM projects
- strong focus on DMS implementations & Ask-Me employee networks
- design of Project & Control cycles
- design of Social Network Analysis experiments

Willem can help you to:
Profit from your untapped knowledge potential
Improve international knowledge transfer processes
Innovate faster, based on your specific expertise
Benefit from becoming a truly knowledge-based organization

Examples of our deliverables:
Higher returns on investments by turning knowledge into value
Establishing a culture of knowledge sharing and innovation
Drawing the line between sharing and protecting knowledge

23 Years of Experience

Research, Development, Design

- developing knowledge transfer processes from academia & research institutions to businesses
- design of processes for research network organisations

24 Years of Experience

eBusiness, eCommerce

- design of B2C broadband portal
- responsible for development of strategy for and implemtation of pan-european consumer e-commerce initiatieve for an automotive client
- assessment of M&A initiative of online marketing material distibution supplier within the travel industry
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