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Balajee K.

A Business Coach from Manama, Bahrain

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Balajee's Specialty

A chef turned self made businessman today owning a couple of companies into multi dimensional fields do real estate, training, construction and event management expertise.

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Balajee's Coaching Profile

Business coach, consultant and speaker
Completing 13 years of building and running own business, having a good interests into real estate investing, construction, events and e commerce. I have been speaking on different platforms. Personally, coaching and mentoring start ups, companies to take it to next level of performance and delivery. Reading, researching, getting into new concepts, food, cricket, movies are the places where I am passionate about. I believe I have all the time in the world to do things.



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Balajee's Coaching Expertise

22 Years of Experience

eBusiness, eCommerce

Establishing e commerce business's in different countries, working on the stock warehouses, liaisoning with governments and its bodies. Maintaining a process flow of stocks and delivery management.

14 Years of Experience

Real Estate

Running an international branded real estate company, into construction of mid size apartments. Working on education and training in real Estate in territory.

17 Years of Experience


Independent trainer with a multinational company, travelled so far 40+ countries speaking to various crowds, largest gathering was 19000 people in a single auditorium.
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