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Nici A.

A Business Trainer from Warrington, United Kingdom

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Nici's Training Profile

IT & Personal / Professional Development Trainer
This facilitator is a highly experienced trainer and consultant with a wealth of experience in business, who has trained learners in companies of sizes in many business sectors, including financial services, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.

Her main areas of expertise are project management, Oracle applications and Microsoft Office, arising from her experience as a project manager and consultant within the process manufacturing sector, and her experience of running her own company for several years. She has a solid background in information technology, including a degree in Computer Science and several years work experience in major global organisations.

In her courses, she draws from her many years of experience to provide real-world scenarios, problems and solutions. Her courses and workshops are highly participative and involving, with the emphasis on learning rather than teaching.



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Nici's Training Expertise

30 Years of Experience

Project Management

I spent several years as a project manager, managing many IT projects to time and to budget. I have used that experience to develop a variety of project management training courses, which I have been delivering over the past four years.

38 Years of Experience

IT - Information Technology

I begain working in the IT industry in 1986, and have a solid grounding in database technologies as well as project management, as well asin-depth knowledge of word processing and presentation design. I draw from this experience in designing and facilitating my training courses.

24 Years of Experience

Train the Trainer

Drawing on my experience as a trainer, and my interest in accelerated learning techniques, I have developed a number of train the trainer courses that can help turn ordinary trainers into engaging facilitators.
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