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Hassan M.

A Business Trainer from Doha, Qatar

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Hassan's Specialty

My strong experience and business knowledge in different types of industries will add value to any organization.

With me you will find the qualifications, experience, and background any organization is looking for.

The focus of my expertise and professional experience is in business analysis, with extensive related experience in project management, training, and business development.

Hassan's Experience Map

Hassan's Training Profile

Experienced in project management and business Analysis
More than 15 years of experience in project management, business analysis, training and education with approved 6500 working hours in management consultation and business analysis experience.

I have Strong Planning and Management Skills, Excellent ability to meet client satisfaction ,Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills ,strong in costumer management and services , Excellent Leadership and Time Management Skills .Analytical thinking and problem solving skills ,Business Knowledge ,Software Knowledge , Interaction and communication skills ,Excellent Command of English and Arabic



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Hassan's Training Expertise

15 Years of Experience

Project Management

Defined scope, established budget, developed timeline, scheduled deliverables, wrote charters.

Built teams, defined roles, managed resources, coordinated meetings, assessed risks & issues.

Wrote or edited different type of documents, including reports, plans, proposals, & protocols

15 Years of Experience

Business Development

Business Analysis , Analyzed business challenges, identified business problems, evaluated impact, and proposed solutions

Conducted needs analyses, structured interviews, user surveys, system and management evaluations, process reviews

Elicited & analyzed requirements; developed & proposed solutions; calculated return on investment.

Produced critical issue evaluations, impact analyses, product evaluations, competitive analysis

14 Years of Experience

Education and Training

Assessing performance needs
Designing training
Facilitating training
Supporting transfer of learning
Evaluating training
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