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Charles N.

A Consultant from Toronto, Canada

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Highly experienced trainer and consultant.
Charles has over 20 years of management and consulting experience in Demand and Supply Planning.

Charles has worked with leading Fortune 500 Companies. Among his outstanding achievements include initiating organizational design and implementation of demand planning function and process. The creation of demand planning functions supported by new process and tools resulted in improvement in customer service and inventory savings of over $1 million within first 12 months post implementation.

Charles has helped implement demand planning systems to several of his clients. Most recently, Manugistics DP and SAP APO DP systems to two major CPG/FMCG companies in Canada. Charles was also the Head of Demand Planning Department at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Canada.

Charles was responsible for the development, agreement, and accuracy of the $380 Million demand forecast, as well as for the research, evaluation, and recommendation of new technology in the demand planning area. He was an active member of the Executive Sales & Operations Planning Process. He was also responsible for designing and implementing a new Consensus Demand Planning Process, which brought together Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Supply Chain groups to discuss all forecast related issues with a mandate of a Single Number Forecast.

Charles holds a B.A. in Business Administration in Czechoslovakia (with concentration in Operations Management, Planning, Purchasing, Accounting and Economics.) He has also earned a Materials Management Diploma in Business Administration (with concentrations in Production Planning and Inventory Control, Purchasing, Statistical Process / Quality Control, Value Analysis and Computer Applications) from Conestoga College of Applied Arts and Technology, Guelph, Ontario.

Charles regularly speaks at IBF (Institute of Business Forecasting) and IIF (International Institute of Forecasters) conferences and workshops worldwide. Charles has taught courses for APICS in Certification in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and Fundamentals of Operations Management since 1999. In addition, he has led numerous in-house training sessions/workshops on Demand and Inventory Management for Sales, Marketing and Market Operations teams.

List of some clients Charles and hist team worked with:
Pfizer, Warner Lambert, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Panasonic, Sony, Nabisco Foods, Toyota, Vogue Bra, Sony Retail, Maple Leaf Foods, Kawasaki, Canadian Tire, Nahdi Medical Company, General Motors Dealer, Sabic, Tupperware, Nahdi Medical Company



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Charles's Consulting Expertise

26 Years of Experience

Business Development

Sales and operations planning /integrated business management - from design through project managment to final stages including follow-up audits and continuous improvement work.

36 Years of Experience

Supply Chain

Supply planning, purchasing and demand planning are my base background on which I built my career both as an employee/manager and consultant/trainer over past 22 years.

26 Years of Experience

Education and Training

Since 1998 I have trained both in-house and in public settings on APICS CPIM and Operations Management courses on average 200 hours / year. Since 1999, I have trained in public and in-house settings on Sales and Operations Planning, Demand Management, Statistical Forecasting, Best practice in deamnd driven supply chain and its integration via CPFR / VMI with its up- and downstream partners.
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