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Francis T.

A Business Speaker from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Francis's Specialty

"People buy People; products and services come with the package." My focus is on Relationship Dynamics; encouraging consistency in the business plan and Effective Communication Skills, because consistency in thinking and messaging is key to client/consumer confidence; which leads to sustainable advance and scaling of any size business group.

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Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author, Consultant
Francis is a popular Conference Speaker/Retreat Leader/Business Growth Consultant with 45 years of successful Canadian experience in Sales / Marketing / Management / Training / Conflict Resolution / Negotiation /Project Management and is a leading thinker regarding Human Capital Development.

"He speaks from the heart with passion and humour" Recognized for his accomplishments of Salesman of the Year, Toastmaster of the Year, Member of the Year with CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), and a multiple award winner of international speech contests.

Author of a Professional Speaking Book, as well as many articles on Relationship Dynamics for Personal and Professional Development with a current focus on Sales Support and New Business Development.



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Francis's Speaking Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Business Development

Drawing from his proven track record in business development in five different industries, he is an expert at finding new markets, motivation people, networking to create joint-venture business promotion opportunities within strategic partnerships.

45 Years of Experience


Possessing an expert level of knowledge in personal and professional development; he specializes in relationship dynamics, which is key to achieving double digit growth with consistency. He asks every organization the same question, "What could it take to double business now?" Lets get everyone focused on answering this single most important question.

45 Years of Experience

Sales - General

Specializing in Personal Communication Skills; this master communicator is one of Canada's top business development experts specializing in sales support sales trainers/speakers. He has developed three core truths of fast business building:

1. "People buy People" (products and services come with the package)
2. "Energy Sells" (use it for fast growth)
3. "The Three Rs of Commerce" (right person, right product, right timing)

Sustainable Relationships are key to building a strong business quickly. His enthusiasm is both inspiring and contagious! You will sell well and sell more!

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