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Francis Theriault, TTS Preformance Consultants, a specialist Business Speaker from Toronto, Ontario | Expertbase
Francis T.

Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author And Business Coach

A specialist Business Speaker from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Francis's Speaking Experience

35 Years specialisation in
Business Development

Drawing from a well-proven track record in business development in a variety of industries, he is an expert at finding new markets, networking and creating joint-venture promotional and co-marketing opportunities/partnerships.

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30 Years specialisation in

Possessing an expert level of knowledge and experience in personal and professional development. Specializing in the areas of recruiting and testing, performance coaching/evaluation, and developing leaders to become effective change-agents and motivational coaches for both corporate and charitable organizations.

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35 Years specialisation in
Sales (General)

Specializing in Personal Communication Skills. This master communicator is one of Canada's top sales trainers/speakers. He believes that building strong relationships is the most dominate key to any success, and that simplicity-of-process is the best way for generating fast, sustainable results. His enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious!

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Francis T.'s Profile

Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author and Business Coach

Francis is a popular Conference Speaker/Retreat Leader/Consultant with over 25 years of successful experience in Sales/Marketing/Management/Training and a leading thinking in the areas of Human Capital Development and Business Growth.

He speaks from the heart with passion and humour - a proud recipient of prestigious recognition, such as Salesman of the Year, Toastmaster of the Year, Member of the Year with CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and multiple award winner of international speach contests.

He writes extensively on the topics of Personal, Professional and Spiritual Development, with a focus on Selling, CRM, and Personal/Business/Corporate Communication Skills

Francis specializes in the communication competencies of Professional Selling, Creative Customer Care (CRM), Presentation and Facilitation Skills, Phone Skills, Technology, Business Writing, Writing for Sales, Marketing and Ad Copy, Speech Writing, Educational and Courseware Materials Development, Effective Coaching and Motivation Skills, and Public Speaking Mastery.
Francis Travels From
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Compact and to the point
Francis's Achievements

Memberships, Awards, Certificats
Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Canadian Professional Sales Association Periodical Writers Association of Canada Writers Circle of Durham Region Toastmasters International As well as various Chambers of Commerce Boards of Trade and Small Business Associations
Co-author and project leader of a professional development book Professionally Speaking-volume one Also: Contributor to business magazines and trade specific publications
A Master Communicator Inspirational Contagious Energy Confident Leader Effective Coach
Free and Ad-free: Read and Grow
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I am currently writing a book called Communicate Without FEAR. It should be widely available globally by mid 2004 by Essence Publishing (CAN).
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