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The Will - To Win!

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Do you have the WILL to BEGIN to win? - Most people don't give the idea of winning much thought. However, when you ask them if they have the will to win, they'll likely say, "Yes of course I do..."?

What self-respecting, well-adjusted person doesn't have the will to win, and want to do accomplish much in their lifetime?

So why aren't more of us abundantly prosperous? We should be, since we're driven by a relentless search for more and more stuff to make us happy. Skillful advertising executives do their best to motivate the masses. They're very good at keeping us in a constant state of unrest with their message, "Yesterday's stuff is too old, today's stuff is OK, but tomorrow's stuff will be even better."

Our modern society has become too comfortable with leaving its future to chance. We know people have the will to win because they buy lottery tickets. We also know they don't have the will to begin to win because they do little else. A strong indictment of this somber truth is witnessed every time I pass the large green plastic trashcans by the information kiosks in shopping malls.

Sadly, these cans are full of thousands of spent lottery ticket stubs; left there by their disappointed purchasers. By participating in a game of chance, people hoped their life would instantly improve, via some good luck and a two-dollar bet. I call that SADD (stupid and dumb decisions). The good life always belongs to those who dream, dare and devote themselves to a plan of action supported by a serious investment of the most valuable resources - their time and money.

Most people exhibit some measure of the will to win, but mostly, I find it's just lip service. The first step to winning is to stop talking about it and do something to begin to win. Men use about 12,000 words a day while women use twice as much, but the average person's vocabulary is only 2,000 words, which means we must say the same things over and over. They say talk is cheap.

I think its true because it is much easier to talk than to do. Jim Rohn, renowned business philosopher says, "Success is easy, trouble is, so is sitting back and doing nothing." We're very good at lamenting over the deal that almost was, or the proverbial one that got away. We console our failures with coulda - woulda - shoulda storytelling. Friends, it's time for some tough love: The tomorrow that the lottery games promise never comes - so treat today as your only day of opportunity. Carpe a Diem is Latin for seize the day!

The difference between the will to win and the will to begin to win is so subtle, we often miss it.

The will to begin is progressive thinking compared to simply wanting to be a winner. Learning how to positively influence subconscious self-talk will change your storytelling times to "progress reports" of what could, would and is happening in your life. The word begin suggests that you have to do something, and doing something now is always better than waiting for later.

Most of us understand that our accomplishments are achieved when sincere desire partners with focused activity. Sincerity alone, as noble as it is, will not accomplish goals. The lyrics in a popular country music song by Randy Travis tell how our intentions can let us down. Randy's rich base voice declares, "Mamma I'm sorry, but my intentions were the best." The song tells a unhappy story of a young man who ended up in jail one Christmas Eve.

Now he's sending a message to his family saying he won't be home with them this year. He needed to buy holiday gifts, but went about getting the money the wrong way. The message contained within Randy's words is loud and clear: We have to follow up our good intentions with the right actions. This winning combination will always lead us to the prosperous future and peaceful life we say we want.

Self-development guru, Anthony Robins says that, in most people, the subconscious mind is dominated with negative questions, which keep them in a state of disbelief. Questions such as, "Why do I keep doing or saying the same old dumb things over and over"" Our brains are designed to answer every query - so based on the negatively framed question of this example - the brain will search its memory to find information in support of the question: I.E. why you're dumb" Here's the good news. You can easily rephrase the question. "How can I stop doing or saying these dumb things?"

I've found that, with this kind of question, my subconscious mind provides a creative strategy for achieving my desire to do and be better. Some other important questions that I've been asking myself are: "How can I create the will to begin to win" What must I do to begin? What proof can I offer in the name of personal accountability?"

Also, I've resolved that without faith, nothing is possible: Faith in me; in my created reason for being; my dreams and desires, and finally belief in my work. Therefore, with faith, all things are possible.

I think that every person can and should be a winner! By reading this article, you're already more mindful of what it takes to win. I believe with all my faith that your future is already better because you've received this information; which will generate new ideas for you, which will lead to different decisions. We all should spend (no, invest) our time in asking better questions. If you're ready for a healthy change in your next self-talk session, try the following mental exercise:

* Instead of "Why me?" Try:"Why not me""

* Instead of "I can't do that" Try:"What could I do to change things""

* Instead of "That will never be" Try:"How can I make it happen""

* And finally, the clever killer of all dreams, "Why am I so stupid?" Try: "How can I smarten up next time"

Even these small changes in the order of words of your questions will deliver dramatic improvements in your life!

Will you start to prepare to win today? Consider the will to begin to win, as your attitude's right-of-passage to all the winning you'll ever want do. So when someone asks, "Do you have the will to win"" You can answer, "Yes, in fact I'm preparing for it!"
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