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Sandra Klinkenberg, -n-, a specialist Consultant from Burgdorf | Expertbase
Sandra K.

Principal Development Adviser And Coach

A specialist Consultant from Burgdorf, Germany

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Sandra's Elevator Pitch

Business, Corporate, Product, Process, Organisation and Infrastructure STRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT is an extensive area of responsibility with various priority themes, divided into so-called Hard- and Soft-Facts. My focus: analyze and develop the Hard- and Soft-Facts in organisations with focus the Hard-Facts. In addition to analysis and development of business process - controlling management systems, are target definition and consolidation as well as strategy adaptation important building blocks for business and organisational development, because Strengthening the strengths is only one half of the job. Detect vulnerabilities and to change in strength is the other half. GET IN TOUCH and USE your Chance, CHANGE to higher Quality and ENJOY sustainable success!
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Sandra's Consulting Experience

24 Years specialisation in
Business Development

Business Development is the result of a sustainable Organization Development - hard facts; inclusive the culture and soft facts of a company to realize highest rates of growth

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24 Years specialisation in
Sustainable Development

Sustainable development includes all aspects of a business landscape in-company in Economy, Ecology and Society and have to be balanced integrated

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24 Years specialisation in
Organisational Development

Stable structures are one aspect of a functional business development
A stable structure is aim- and solution orientated and exists out of the organizational map and the business processes

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Sandra K.'s Profile

Principal Development Adviser and Coach

Advisory Business Economist (PhD), eq. MBA - Management and Economics

Specialist in Structure Development,
Expert for Planning, Implementation and Development of Integrated / Security / Management Systems in strong sustainable manner.

Business, Corporate, Product, Organisation and Infra- STRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT:

A strong sustainable Economy has to be our future in balanced way to Ecology and Society. Structure development is my contribution for it in all my consultancies and project activities.

Structure Development = Business Excellence + Organization Development with Business Process Optimization in adjustment of Aims, Culture and Strategy

My fields of action are:
* Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Management
* Process and Quality Management; ISO 9001, TQM and Business Excellence
* Project and Portfolio Management, Organizational Advisory
Leadership and Management experiences exist since 1992.

Planning, integration, controlling and development:
* Organization/Organizational Structure Development
* Business and Corporate Development
* I(S)MS Integrated (Security) Management System
* TQM Total Quality Management and Business Excellence
* ISO 9000 Family, DIN EN ISO 9001
* ISO 26000, SA8000, BSCI, Ethibel, GRI, Global Compact, ...

* Adviser
* Manager and Executive
* Auditor
* Assessor and Validator
* Sparring Partner and Coach

My strengths:
* quick analyses of organizational structures in adjustment of Aims, Culture and Strategy
>> proposals for solutions for functional and practical Process Optimization
>> out of the decision I create drafts for implementation and realization
* Motivation for and explanation of the necessity for changes
* strong personal skills and a cooperative leadership, as well working in cooperative teams is my favorite:
> create a positive, team and service orientated atmosphere
>> I am a team member even as team leader
>> I am fair and solution focussed
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Burgdorf, Germany

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Entrepreneurial Goal- and solution-oriented Cooperative collaboration Quick Analyser Motivator Strong personal skills Cooperative leadership
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