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Karen M.

A Business Trainer from Southampton, United Kingdom

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Inspiring Leadership, Teams and Sales Trainer
Karen has 25 years commercial experience across a broad spectrum of clients. Her work includes facilitating strategic planning, organisational change projects, new product launch programs, international training events and leadership development programmes.

She leads people through her positive and energetic facilitative style and an innovative approach to programme design. Karen enjoys using the most up-to-date methods including NLP, and accelerated learning. As a qualified professional coach, she accelerates team performance and executive excellence.

Her experience gained during 15 years at IBM in business development, systems consultancy, marketing and people development contributes to Karen's understanding of business, systems and people.

She has a BSc from Bristol University. She is a Neuro Lingistic Programming master and trainer, a member of the International Coaching Federation and an accredited facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators.



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Karen's Training Expertise

40 Years of Experience


My management development and coaching programmes focus leaders on empowering their teams to achieve reslts, on decision making, trust, motivating staff and becoming inspiring communicators.

40 Years of Experience

Team Building

I harness effective group dynamics with inspirational and motivational techniques, to help teams achieve their goals

40 Years of Experience

Sales - General

My sales and account management training can optimise the performance of your sales and marketing professionals, who are the key to your business success.
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