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Dr Hussein S.

A Business Trainer from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Dr Hussein's Specialty

- What problems keep you awake at night?
- If you had a magic wand that could make anyone problem disappear
what would it be
- How would you describe your biggest short-term challenge?

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Dr Hussein's Training Profile

Sales Mastery & Leadership coach. Executive Coaching.
Dr. Hussein is a true Coach and leader. He spent the past 30 years in Boston. Has a degree or Civil Engineering from Northeastern University (Boston 1986) and a Masters Degree from The University of Massachusetts (Boston 2004). He worked for Fortune 500 Companies in the US. He worked for Microsoft (Richmond) as a Business Development Director, then for IBM as a Product Manager for the CATIA Brand and had clients in the Automotive and Aerospace Industry as well as AT&T, Verizon, GM and more. Clients were Chrysler Corp, Boeing, Honda. He consulted for Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and McKinsey & Company.

He is the Author of 2 books (Business Planning and Leadership) many white papers on Leadership, Coaching, Self-Improvement, Management Consulting, Business Re-Engineering, Lean Kaizen, Six Sigma, Consultative Selling, Marketing and more.

He currently holds over 15 Certifications:
- Sales Mastery Certification (Franklin Covey, Dale Carnegie, American Management Association, Grant Cardone Sales University)
- Master Leadership Level 5 from the Institute of Leadership
- International Coaching Federation (ICF Mentor Coaching)
- Microsoft Office Master Instructor (Microsoft)
- Six Sigma Lean, Yellow and Green Belt (Six Sigma Global Institute Boston)
- KPI and BSC Trainer, Implementor (Strategic Management Group)
- Blue Ocean Strategy (BOSS – Blue Ocean Simulation – California)
- Strategic management (Strategic management Group – New York)



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Dr Hussein's Training Expertise

30 Years of Experience


we create Leadership by creating powerful human enthusiastically and creatively in the desired direction.
Create an inspiring vision; establish shared values; give direction and set stretch goals

30 Years of Experience

Sales - Specialised

Sales professionals are the backbone of any company that wants to grow, stay competitive, and remain relevant. Dr. Hussein helps sales professionals of all backgrounds and levels of competency realize their potential with a tailor-made approach to needs assessment and solutions delivery.

30 Years of Experience

Business Development

The ultimate aim of a business development professional is to improve an organization’s profitability by generating new prospects. These can be in the form of possible partnership ventures, a potential segment of the market, or a shift in the company’s overall business operations. The confidence needed to accomplish this entails familiarity with other disciplines related to business, such as finance, market research, sales, and planning.

Seeking opportunities will often require the business development professional to leave the work desk and meet the key players of the industry.
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