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Gary M.

A Business Trainer from Fordingbridge, United Kingdom

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Sales and Persuasion Specialist
With an unrivalled track record, Gary’s expertise and over 20 years of research have resulted in him being widely acknowledged as the 'MUST HAVE' sales persuasion expert amongst his peers.

As a Sales Persuasion Strategist, Gary's unique insights, unrivalled strategies, and exceptional training have been instrumental in aiding companies generated huge numbers of new sales leads, massively increased conversion rates, higher order values and the driving force behind vast quantities of referral business.

Gary is no 'typical' sales strategist and his accolades are the source of envy to many of his industry’s peers.

· Best Selling Co-Author
· Producer of Audio & DVD Programme
. Presented and delivered in 28 countries worldwide
. Multiple industry magazine articles published
. Consultant to the BBC as a Industry Expert
. 5 Times Keynote Speaker at the Sales & Persuasion Conference Las Vegas USA (Only UK speaker ever)
. Founder & President of the Association of Sales Professionals UK
. 8 Client Finalists in National Sales Awards 2015
. 6 Client Finalists in a National Sales Awards 2014



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Gary's Training Expertise

24 Years of Experience

Sales - Specialised

Replicating Elite Sales Performance, Psychology of Buying, Applied Science of Persuasion, Telephone Selling, Lead Generation, Winning Competitive Selling Situations.

If you have the sales basics then I can compliment those skills with what is required for elite sales performance

24 Years of Experience

Sales - General

see above

24 Years of Experience

Business Development

Replicating sales success, creation of unique and highly profitable sales, lead generation and referral models.

Proven Unique Models:

- Differentiation model
- Seduction Model
- The Referal BluePrint
- Telephone Selling Exposed
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