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Harun Rabbani, GiS Sales Club, a specialist Keynote Speaker from Birmingham | Expertbase

Harun R.    

A specialist Keynote Speaker from Birmingham, United Kingdom

Business Educator, Agent Provocateur & Connector

Expertise, Specialities, Competencies ...
Harun's Speaking Experience

35 Years specialisation in
Sales (Specialised)

Speaking, facilitating and training in the following areas:

Building a Referral Centred-Business
Referral Marketing Strategy
CAVE-ing your Customers

30 Years specialisation in

Speaking, facilitating and training in the following areas:

Referral Explosion: The Ultimate Customer Prospecting System
Personal Leadership in Education
Developing the Attitude to Determine Altitude

  +14   +7
20 Years specialisation in
Networking Techniques

Speaking, facilitating and training in the following areas:

Referral Explosion: 5 Steps to Supercharging your Customer Base
Creating referral system
Customer-Driven Marketing

  +4   +1
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Harun R.'s Profile

Business Educator, Agent Provocateur & Connector

Harun’s expertise is as a business educator, agent provocateur and professional connector. He helps his clients grow their profits through customer-driven marketing.

The purpose of his business is to transform financial services professionals from product vendors to trusted advisors.

In 1982, circumstances in the family business threw him 12 year old into the world of entrepreneurship and selling. Since then, he has worked as a Salesman for two of the world?s leading brands in medical devices, as a Head-hunter for a City recruitment firm and as a Personal Coach and Trainer to world-class sports people, entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

Having gained hands-on experience in business, he developed a strong passion for helping entrepreneurs and sales people realise their potential by focusing on human development within businesses. This passion further heightened his powers of persuasion in the sales environment

Customer-Driven Marketing, Professional Speaking, Referral Strategy, Coaching, workshop facilitation, and leading seminars.
Harun Travels From
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Compact and to the point
Harun's Milestones

Speaking Experience / Worked In
Memberships, Awards, Certifications
* Institute of Directors * Federation of Small Businesses * Birmingham Chamber of Commerce & Industry * Professional Speakers Association (UK) * National Speakers Association (USA)
Professional educator in helping individuals and teams to develop the competencies attitude and strategies to enjoy better wealth
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Travels from
United Kingdom
Citizen of
United Kingdom
Family VP Professional Speakers Association Martial Artist Distance running
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