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A Keynote Speaker from Nottingham, United Kingdom

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You too can change the world !
Dr Peter G. is an internationally known marketing economist. He is an international consultant who produces results in the real world.

His books and academic papers developed methods to tackle the problems of firms in the real world. He produced a standard approach to quality and brands as a marketing tool (nothing to do with production tools like ISO 9000).

He became a consultant so he could use these methods to produce results. He has worked in 30 countries round the world. His client list includes the World Bank, the UN, the EC, and the governments of the USA, UK, Germany, India and Russia.

His book shows what it means to do top level consultancy with governments and the World Bank, and to provoke a government to do a policy u-turn. This has had an enormous impact and is used in universities and business schools around the world, as well as by businesspeople and professionals.

Your organization needs to change to survive. It may not realize that drastic change is needed. Someone has to provoke that change. Or it may realize that it is heading for bankruptcy, and go into panic mode, changing its logo and redesigning its website, instead of making the changes that are needed. Again, real change needs provoking.

Real change is always provoked by individuals with a vision – people like you. This vision can then be taken forward by teams and change managers.

If your organization is to survive, it must cultivate the individuals with a vision; it must train them to provoke change.

He will show you that it is people just like you that provoke the big changes in organizations. It is not necessary to have authority, networks, political pull or institutional support - though they do help. He shows you how he got a government to do a U-turn on policy without them. See my book.

Training programmes

Peter uses his own experience, as a consultant whose job it is to provoke change, to show how it is done. He shows you how you can apply the professional skills you already have to this new task. And I show you some new skills.

The result? A far more effective manager. Someone who can make change happen.



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Peter's Speaking Expertise

45 Years of Experience


Peter gives you true inspiration - based on what he has seen and done, not what he has read in a book. He shows you that you can change the world. You can get governments and large organizations to change the world - if he has done it, you can. He will show you that you can do this even as an individual.

A true leader does not need power, authority, position, to bring about change. Here is someone who will show you how to achieve results without them.

45 Years of Experience


Peter is an economic consultant with an international reputation, who has advised governments and firms in 30 countries around the world. He halved one company’s costs in six months. He increased another company’s gross revenue by 44% in a one-month consultancy. He has advised governments on sectoral and industrial policy.

This has meant developing economic theory that can be used in the real world, not just in the classroom. His books and academic papers, on markets, marketing, grades, brands and quality, have been influential around the world.

45 Years of Experience

Cultural Awareness

Peter is a consultant and speaker who has worked in 30 countries around the world - and has got results.

This means that he has had to be acutely sensitive to cultural differences, from the moment he arrived in a country, until he gave his report. Culture determines how markets work, what can influence them, how governments and firms can operate, how they can be persuaded to change.

The cultural differences between organizations are far deeper than the surface differences in the cultures of the countries they work in.
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