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Cross-cultural teambuilding and management development
Murray spent nine years in the British Army, rising to the rank of Captain. As an officer he gained experience in career management and development, organisational analysis, logistics, and a wide range of other management issues. He managed complex operational and logistical project assignments including the relocation of a 125-man unit on operational duty in Northern Ireland.

After three years running a variety of tailored courses Murray moved to Japan in 1997 as leader of a Tokyo training team. In 1998, he assumed responsibility for the general management in Tokyo, covering both the sales and training sides of the operation. While there he managed a multi-cultural team servicing the needs of leading Japanese and international firms such as Deutsche Bank, Nomura Securities, Procter and Gamble, and Sony.

After nearly six years in Japan, Murray returned to The Company in London as Marketing Manager. As well as covering two geographical regions he also manages the relationships with several key clients. In addition he continues to run Project Management, Teambuilding, Presentation, Negotiation, Executive Coaching, Leadership and Cross-cultural training sessions. These seminars often cover aspects of motivation, leadership, objective-setting, performance coaching and culture.

Murray has also run facilitation seminars for several international clients. These were designed to reduce obstacles to clear communication, maximise participation and increase participant buy-in into project outcomes.

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Murray R.

Cultural Awareness

32 Years of Experience
Having spent 6 years running a subsidiary in Japan, now delivers cross-cultural training courses aimed at helping businesses in the Formula 1, automotive, aerospace, pharma and hi-tech industries develop and enhance their relationships with Japanese partners
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Team Building

30 Years of Experience
6 years running a subsidiary in Japan, comprising a range of up to 6 different nationalities. Competencies include: team role/composition analysis, objective setting and performance coaching, team leadership and teamwork development skills, motivation.

- Post Merger Integration
- Building High Performance Teams
- Managing Remote Teams
- Fixing Dysfunctional Teams
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32 Years of Experience
Analysis of communication flow; analysing how people communicate, identifying obstacle adn developing strategies to remove/overcome/prevent these obstacles
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