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Geoff C.

A Business Trainer from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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Creative Solutions for Performance Development
Geoff founded his training company in 1997, having returned to the UK during the previous year, after fourteen years living and working in Europe, South and North East Asia.

He has been involved in Training and Development since 1983, and ran a regional Sales and Marketing Management Training programme for a Swiss multinational in the Pharmaceutical sector, when he was responsible for 1,700 participants in 14 countries, and a small army of local trainers and partner trainers.

In his role, he has worked for clients in a variety of sectors in the public and private sector as well as in education, both in the UK and overseas. He also works with the University of Leicester on the Diploma programmes in Training and Human Resource Management and the Certificate in Training Practice.

Based on over 14 years living and working outside the UK, in Europe, South and North East Asia, this expert brings a wealth of practical experience to his inter-cultural awareness training.

Geoff likes to take a creative approach to training and development initiatives, and uses a variety of novel tools and metaphors to achieve this. He delivers high-involvement programmes to develop communication skills. He is an accredited user of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument.

Nevertheless, Geoff believes that the outcomes of training and development are of prime importance, and always seeks to build positive action programmes for the implementation of new knowledge, attitudes and skills.

In his free time, he enjoys classic sports cars, fly tying and trout fishing, among other interests.



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Geoff's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Cultural Awareness

Based on over 14 years living and working outside the UK, in Europe, South and North East Asia, Geoff brings a wealth of practical experience to his training.

40 Years of Experience

Performance Management

He has conducted Performance Management Workshops for executives to design or re-evaluate their own performance management system, and has published the essence of this process in the Performance Management Workbook.

40 Years of Experience


He has conducted many programmes for executives with leadership responsibilities at all levels from senior management to first line supervisors.
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