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Tom G.

A Business Trainer from Calgary, Canada

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Results Specialist
As CEO of a company, Tom still prefers to refer to himself as a "Results Specialist," with a passion for applying "measurables" to all that his organisation does. Tom was a founder of two companies in New Zealand - one of which was sold to a much larger player and the other is now in the top three in the country in its field.

As a salesman, Tom made the top 1% in the world, with a 12 month close rate of 91% (all profitable) in the security industry - one of the most competitive industries in the country at the time.

As a coach/trainer, Tom has directly contributed to increases in revenue of 300% (in 3 months) in a multi national company, 500% in 9 months in New Zealand's largest company, and an increase in the performance of a single individual of 800% in 3 months.

These achievements Tom says, come from looking at almost everything differently.

Working with Tom has a number of strategic advantages, which include:

* Approach - a typical consultant's role in its most simplistic form, involves analysing performance discrepancies and advising "what needs to be done," to correct them. He goes beyond both "what" and "how." He certainly evaluates "what" needs to be done in order to meet corporate objectives - he assists in formulating a plan ("how") to achieve the desired result and then, (in our ideal situation) he drives the plan to a measured result.

* Maintenance - when the desired results have been achieved or exceeded, he recommends a maintenance role where we can ensure that the gains continue. The most frightening thing about being human, is the speed with which we move to complacency

Tom's services include:

* Consulting - looking at performance discrepancies and determining how best to overcome them
* Coaching/Mentoring - assisting individuals to improve their performance and/or their environment
* Personality profiling - for improved communication - also extremely effective in sales
* Performance management - a tool that provides an extremely effective way of measuring and managing the behavioural changes necessary for (ongoing) performance improvement (see Performance Management)
* Education/training - a host of training programs aimed at improving performance, and life
* Tao School of Business - a totally new concept in training and gaining an overall state of "wellness" - taking learning from a physical perspective and bringing it into the mental/emotional realms

Tom is also a regularly sought after to do speaking engagements in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada in particular, but has also done work in the US. He has used his physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive childhood as a gift of learning opportunities; and the depth of his learning has changed lives all over the world.



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Tom's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience


Communication is impacted perhaps more by how one person feels about the other than by any other combination of things.

He has spent more than 28 years evaluating personality profiling systems and ultimately designing his own (totally compatible) system to turn personality profiling from being little more than a "good horoscope" into perhaps the most powerful business/communication tool there is.

45 Years of Experience

Sales - General

Making sales as become overly complicated by focus on detail things when the formula is very simple.

Having become tired of paying enormous sums for Sales Training, which brought no measurable result, I have developed my own training systems including, Basic Sales Training, Advanced Sales Training, Account/Corporate Account Management, and Sales Management.

To be in the competition stay with your current providers, to BE the competition call me.

45 Years of Experience

Team Building

Interestingly, even some of the top sports coaches around the world don't seem to really understand teams, team building, and team management.

We provide practical understanding of teams and team dynamics, exercises to evaluate and prove the effectiveness of teams over individuals, use games to evaluate the learning taken from team building training, and workshops on real scenarios to develop skills.
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