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A Business Speaker from Zurich, Switzerland

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You are more than you think you are
Motivation is an external, temporary high that pushes you forward. Inspiration is a internal, sustainable glow which *pulls* you forward.(Thomas Leonard)

Inspiring People, Achieving Goals, Creating New Futures

Toward the end of the nineteen eighties I began asking myself about "meaning" in the context of business management, success, motivation, empowerment and leadership. Increasingly I began exploring the concepts of meaning, purpose and trust. At that time many thought I was a naive dreamer.

Yet, in my opinion, it was a long overdue step. After all, the management and leadership techniques (search for excellence, quality circles, change-management, delegation, communication, time management, and many more) had neither really solved problems nor produced reasonable short- and long-term results. These techniques only scratched the surface: "Invest a few weekends to learn a couple of skills here, define a company vision and mission there, and you're done".

I was not the only one to recognize the insufficiency of existing programs: a growing number of inquiries from companies and managers attested to their hunger for better ways. What I shared with this initially small group of visionaries was the desire to base management and leadership techniques on something solid, on something that not only produces short-term results but also long-term success and in addition leaves a profound feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Ongoing interest has encouraged me to continue my explorations, and led me to support enterprises and their management as mentor, consultant and inspirational speaker.

Clients include:

3M, AGA, Bard, BMW, Bristol-Myers Squibb, BP, Covatec, Covidien, Covington, Electrolux, Gore, Lilly, MCE/Management Center Europe, Nestle, Novartis, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Ratiopharm, Somfy, Sony, Swarovski, Voest



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41 Years of Experience


Inspirational Keynotes
at company-events, conferences, congresses:

The new vision recognizes that most people have tremendous level of enthusiasm and energy and naturally want to contribute to something they feel is important. To tap that incredible energy, management must be able to encourage them to wholeheartedly in the company`s mission, through his or her vision and actions. The new leaders understand the one crucial fact: that personal fulfillment and business success cannot be separated.

Because, after all, only people, who feel good about themselves, will produce good results.

These keynotes represent a perfect "middle of the road" approach by combining powerful inspirational, thought provoking, down-to earth messages with first class entertainment. The typical length is 90 minutes.

Most requested topics

* You are more than you think you are
* Future Search: Finding Common Ground in Organizations
* Putting People First
* Balance between business and private life
* Your Life Purpose
* The New Learning - On Profound Change in People, Enterprises, and Organizations

More topics upon request.

41 Years of Experience

Human Development


Being able to deal with the speed of change in our lives is not about what we already know. It’s about our approach to what we don’t know.

It’s about our attitude towards life and living.

I believe that attitude leads behaviour. Attitude is the cause; behaviour is the effect.

So if we really want to change behaviours, we need to be thinking creatively about how to change attitudes.

"We believe that if you want high efficiency and productivity, a close cordial relationship with your employees, which lead to high morale, is necessary... Sometimes it is more important to generate a sense of affinity than anything else, and sometimes you must make decisions that are, technically, irrational...You can be totally rational with a machine. But if you work with people, sometimes logic has to take a backseat to understanding." Aikito Morita (Sony)

41 Years of Experience

Executive Development

Your personal Mentor:

Today's leader is not someone who knows all the answers because in this world it is impossible. He or she is not someone who makes decisions and gives orders in the old military model of leadership.

Rather, the new leader is someone who can assess a situation, bring people together, build consensus, and discover solutions, drawing on the talents of everyone involved. The new leader is a facilitator, a communicator, a team builder, who realizes that our greatest natural resources are our minds and hearts, together with those of the people around us. He or she faces constantly the unknown, standing on the edge of previous knowledge and ability.

Development of leadership means therefore also working on ones own personality since after all, leadership cannot be achieved by techniques alone; rather it is rooted in the complete person, on inner strength. (Re-)define your purpose and personal mission. Get to know your hidden beliefs quite clearly, fix your system of values and live by them, learn how to communicate better with people, including in difficult situations - to enable your inspirational style, based on inner self-awareness, to permeate through from the inside to the outside.
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