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Mogens D.

A Expert (other) from Copenhagen, Denmark

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Aviation and transport expertise
Mogens can provide full range of services, training, consultancy, start-up assistance, business development and project management in Aviation and transportation, particularly in Cargo.

He originally joined SAS – Scandinavian Airlines and worked for SAS for 28 years, having worked briefly also for other airlines including Lufthansa.

Mogens has an extensive background in aviation having worked in operations, as a station manager, in passenger sales, and more than 20 years in cargo. Having spent more than 12 years abroad from his native Denmark, he has been stationed in Nairobi Kenya as cargo instructor, in Seoul, South Korea as district Manager for SAS and Thai International, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania as GM for DAHACO, the Airport handling company, and latest in Dubai, UAE, as Manager Cargo Global Accounts for Emirates Airline.

Mogens has been IATA marketing instructor since 1988, and has additionally assisted the EU on various aviation projects in Hungary, Latvia and the CIS. Extensive retraining of ex-socialist countries in tor market driven economics. He has done extensive training for Middle East Carriers through AACO.

Mogens is a lecturer at Helwan university Cairo, in their Airline MBA programme.

In addition to airline training, he has also been a lecturer in business logistics at the Copenhagen Business College.



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Mogens's Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Business Development

Wide practical and theoretical experience incl consultancy.

45 Years of Experience

Transportation and Logistics

Lecturer at reputed University in External logistics and Supply chain management

40 Years of Experience

Marketing - Specialised

Marketing manager and trainer in Marketing (IATA) 15 years plus.
Marketing assistance to emerging countries including CIS, Asia and Africa
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