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Lesley M.

A Business Trainer from Chelmsford, United Kingdom

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Lesley's Training Profile

Reputation Marketing Specialist
How you present your organisation on websites, brochures, newsletters and marketing material is critical to building and maintaining your reputation. How you manage your online activity - particularly when you have staff - is even more critical. One inappropriate post can bring years of effort crashing down.

Everything that represents your organisation needs to reach your target audience powerfully and effectively, to position you as the 'go to' expert in your field.

From developing strategies and social media policies to creating manageable systems and the compelling messages that get people to take action, you'll find our services really hit the spot!

Lesley has been helping people to focus on the outcomes they want and achieve goals they never thought possible for nearly 25 years in both the UK and the Middle East.

Development strategies are great - but not much use without a clear focus. She specialises in helping learners to develop personal objectives for every training or coaching programme in which she is involved.

Highly motivational, but with both feet firmly on the ground, Lesley specialises in helping managers to develop themselves and their teams.

As a coach, trainer and consultant she has been instrumental in providing the tools managers need who have been 'thrown in the deep end'. She has also written numerous e-books and white-papers on a wide range of management skills including team building.

With experience in developing supervisors from those who check people are in place and equipment and stock is sufficient into proactive managers who develop their team, her background in team development encompasses working with management teams from industries as diverse as duty free, insurance, farming, industry, publishing, public utilities and multi-site retail.

Having a good team makes dramatic differences in getting excellent results with less effort, her training programmes focus on answering the question "How will this work for me when I get back into my normal working environment?" Lesley is qualified by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. She also holds a Diploma in Performance Coaching (Business) and is a qualified teleclass coach. In addition Lesley is past President of the London Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association and also a member.



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Lesley's Training Expertise

31 Years of Experience


I create and run online courses, face-to-face workshops and video tutorials to help companies large and small get the most from online marketing to promote their businesses.

I've also been training people in communication skills including understanding communication breakdown, result oriented communication, non-verbal, rapport building, information gathering and information giving, recognising and accommodating others styles - and persuasion and influencing skills.

34 Years of Experience


An all round management trainer - Hands on Management (a generic programme I have developed) includes 24 modules of key management skills - including setting objectives, attitude management, time management, delegation, motivation, leadership, team building and team working, coaching, appraisal, developing people, communication skills, writing, reports, presentations, recruitment, induction, project management, and meeting skills.

I also train people in retail sales and customers service and negotiation skills - plus train the trainer.

34 Years of Experience

Marketing - Specialised

Good reputations don’t happen by accident. It takes effort and time to establish the reputation that puts your business in the spotlight and brings the people to your door, who want to work with you.

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