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Jill S.

A Business Trainer from Southport, United Kingdom

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Leadership Development Trainer & Coach
Jill has been working in the field of leadership and personal development for over twenty-five years and has experience in the public and private sectors, both in the UK and internationally. She has worked at all levels in a number of successful organisations and has helped them develop their change strategies, as well as the leadership needed for successful outcomes.

In addition to working in corporate environments, Jill is an associate tutor with the University of Warwick and is the Lead Tutor on a number of full and part-time MSc modules, including Leadership and Personal Leadership and Change.

Jill designs and delivers programmes that are challenging, practical and focused on the clients’ needs.

In addition to a degree in Psychology, Jill has a Masters in Learning and Development and a Diploma from the Institute of Training and Development. Jill is also an accredited ESCI coach.

What clients say about Jill:
“Jill brings real insight and a refreshing ”real world” approach”.
“Jill has taken me on a journey of self-awareness, reflection and development”
“I didn’t stop learning until the very last minute of the very last day, and it was great”.
“Did I learn something new? Did my outlook change? With conviction I can answer “yes” to both these questions”.
“My conscious change in leadership has been well-received by my team”.

In the commercial sector Jill has extensive knowledge and experience in developing management skills training, competency frameworks and appraisal systems and have worked for both private and public organisations.



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Jill's Training Expertise

32 Years of Experience


I have trained managers at all levels in both the oublic and private sectors. I am experienced in all aspects of management, and lecture in performance management at various universities in the UK, Far East and Africa.

32 Years of Experience


Communication is the fundamental inter-personal skill, and I have worked with senior teams to look at communication management in their organizations and with individuals who wish to improve their personal communication skills. I have designed and delivered in-company and public courses

30 Years of Experience

Train the Trainer

I have worked with many trainers from different organizations. My work has ranged from one-to-one coaching with trainers to working with training departments on formal courses. I offer Trainer training for experienced people who want to improve their style and delivery, or for new trainers who need more comprehensive courses. I have delivered in-company and public courses
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