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David E.

Communication Skills Specialist

A specialist Business Trainer from Lahti, Finland

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I help people to develop their communication and cultural awareness abilities and provide them with the tools to improve their communication skills so that they achieve the desired results, when dealing with their internal or external contacts.
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39 Years specialisation in
Presentation Skills

Whether you give regular presentations or need to get your point over in meetings or project groups then this training is for you. It will help you to organize and present your ideas in a logical and persuasive manner and build a strong convincing inspirational message that will win support, sell your products and ideas.

Example content:
Understanding and assessing the needs of your audience
Setting specific measurable objectives
Assembling & sequencing the evidence
Building and testing your argumentation
Communicating the data effectively Building visuals that enhance your message
On-line content and visuals check and evaluation service

Example training solutions:
1-3 day group or individual customized face to face training. Also available are online stand alone and support options using e.g. Skype, Adobe, Webex etc.

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39 Years specialisation in
Negotiation Skills, Techniques

This training will give you a deep understanding of the negotiation process and how to influence others to achieve more of what you need and want. You will learn how to develop a range of strategies and an understanding of when to use them to maximize your outcome.

Example content:
Creating and claiming value
and testing proposals
Using power and persuasion
Building and maintaining trust Bargaining and concession making Sharing information, diagnostic questions & unbundling issues Packaging deals, multiple offers and post settlement settlements

Example training solutions:
2-3 day group or individual customized face to face training. Also available are online stand alone and support options using e.g. Skype, Adobe, Webex etc.

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32 Years specialisation in

The training incorporates the latest findings from various researched sources and provides a practical and useful approach on how to operate effectively in a multicultural environment.
The overal aim is to:
Highlight the problems that arise when dealing with other cultures
Increase awareness of your own and others cultural values and reasoning
Increase positive attitudes towards other cultures and countries
Example training solutions:
1-2 day group or individual customized face to face training. Also available are online stand alone and support options using e.g. Skype, Adobe, Webex etc.
Can be included as part of a communication skills training package.

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Communication Skills Specialist

David is a communication and cultural skills trainer specialising in presentation, negotiation, culture and performance coaching.

He is British and based in Finland from where he has been training organizations in the Nordic Region, Europe, Russia and the Middle East for over twenty years.

David consistently receives high positive feedback from course participants and is described as an inspiring, knowledgeable and encouraging professional.

He is a firm believer in continual development and his theoretical and practical experience in communication skills is comprehensive and strong. By nature he is creative and curious and he continually researches and develops new ideas and concepts that are integrated into the training.

His senior sales and operational management experience provide additional strong support to the training and enable him to relate and identify with the challenges that participants face in their day-to-day work.
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Lahti, Finland

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