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Cindy G.

A Business Speaker from Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom

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Cindy's Speaking Profile

Cindy Inspires!
Every event requires impact to ensure clients, employees, and attendees walk away with the event planner?s message.

This lady facilitator brings impact to an event! This captivating, high energy keynoter will offer a wealth of ideas and strategies that you and your clients will want to use immediately to enhance productivity, improve communication and raise your level of health and well being.

An Olympic athlete and owner of a successful fitness company in Britain, she brings years of experience in coaching high achievement to you and your team. Entertainment- and results-focused, she makes her audiences laugh, may make them cry and almost certainly will challenge them to get up and move in directions that will have a positive impact on their jobs and their lives.



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Cindy's Speaking Expertise

45 Years of Experience


Being able to inspire and motivate others is both a gift and the result of outstanding speaking skills. She does both. Speaking professionally since she made the Olympic Team in 1972, she is a master at inspiring an audience. Using stories from the sports and business world she paints pictures in the minds of her audience which will move them to improve their own performance. An incredibly powerful speaker, she will inspire!

45 Years of Experience


As a Communication Major at UCLA she was introduced to the science of communication. Now as a professional speaker and speaking coach, she combines the science and the art of presentation skills to help others present themselves from the platform. Whether your audience is large or simply one on one, her strategies for enhanced communication, both verbal and non-verbal, will lead to more effective communication, self confidence and self awareness.

45 Years of Experience

Health and Fitness

Add something fun and different to you conference or convention: bring exercise and movement to your event and watch the energy rise! She specialises in moving participants physically and emotionally. Use her as a Master of Ceremonies who can get conference members up on their feet and filled with enthusiasm, or have her lead a morning exercise class which not only will have attendees laughing but will also link the important messages of the conference into very simple exercises that anyone can do. Offer a breakout session on non-verbal communication skills and let her teach you how to move in such a way that sales, leadership and presentation skills improve.
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