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Suzanne H.

A Business Speaker from Brisbane, Australia

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The Number Lady
After spending many years studying the power of Numbers, I realised just how numbers affect everything we do in every aspect of our lives. The education system, the time, dates, weight, names, distance, age, accounting etc all revolve around numbers. As Pythagorus, the famous mathematician realised that the science of Numerology offered much more information to us than we realised.

After studying Numerology for many years I have since published a five series of 'Numbers' Books in Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Italy and have had wonderful feedback of the inspirational help these books have given them. Each book covers issues such as personal, relationships, workplace, children, teenagers and how you operate in the home and workplace,

Workshops and programs include "Your Days are Numbered" "Life's a Numbers Game" "Dancing to your own Tune", ""Enjoy Yourself... It's Later than you Think" plus more topics to suit interactive and educational topics to suit audiences from all walks of life.

Participants can learn about their talents, skills, where they fit into the home and workplace, how the power of numbers can change your life, how to be more observant, develop excellent listening skills, how stress affects each personality, and how to become a visionary leader, plus tips on identifying your true purpose in life.

People wanting to make improvements in their personal and professional lives, whether for health, relationships, career or financial reasons, need to first take an in-depth look at their own needs, desires, gifts and talents to see what they have to offer the workplace.

The MIDAS Touch of Gold Personality Program is included in the 'Numbers' workshops outlining the strengths and weaknesses of participants to create a healthy workplace.

Workplaces and families function more successfully if each person identifies where they are best suited in the big scheme of things.

As one of Australia's most popular Numerologists and authors and known as "The Numbers Lady" is also a lifestyle coach and story teller with a difference.



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Suzanne's Speaking Expertise

45 Years of Experience


After experiencing many decades of adversity I learnt how to turn my challenges from a negative into a positive and to do this I began my studies into Numerology and just what my talents and gifts are.
Personality Analysis Programs are offered for staff members in the workplace to see where each member fits into the workplace.

Identifying weaknesses and strengths through the power of Numbers can offer clients an opportunity to go on a safer journey through life. My career opportunities have included many professions including areas of hospitality, music, drama, teaching, sales, self-employment, management , lifestyle coaching and as a professional speaker and workshop facilitator.

Ever wondered why you can't seem to get along with some staff members? Ever wondered what's missing from your personal relationships? Workshops include managing a successful partnership with peers, family members and friends.

45 Years of Experience


Learn how you manage stress at home and in the workplace. Work out just what you true lessons in life really are. Learn how to deal with the differences with work colleagues.

Workshops covering listening skills, stress management, team skills, solving problems, identify individual strengths and weaknesses to reach a position of confidence personally and professionally.

Communicating individual needs within a workplace relationship and identifying different personality traits create a harmonious environment. Workshops include "Your Days are Numbered" Life's a Numbers Game" Enjoy Yourself...It's later than you Think" and "How to Service yourself if you are Running on Empty", The nine personalities describe in detail where each person fits into the workplace and at home.

45 Years of Experience

Personal Development

Story telling attract people's imagination on how to make miracles happen in your life. Suzanne, AKA The Numbers Lady is a larger than life character, is slightly eccentric, a good-natured busy-bosy, highly curious, exceptionally psychic, and thrives on sharing her many stories with people who love to hear how people survive miracles.

Suzanne's dark and challenging life hasn't affected her sense of humour as she continually maintains an irrevocable resolve to survive against the odds. Her experience proves that every mind searches for the truth, every body craves good health and every soul needs awakening.
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