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Mike M.

A Business Trainer from Wakefield, United Kingdom

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Management, Training and Consulting
A professionally qualified, highly effective people manager with twenty seven years Financial Services and customer service experience . Mike has a proven track record of developing people, implementing change successfully and achieving business objectives.

Mike’s corporate responsibilities included performance managing and developing hundreds of staff, managing the operation of ten separate customer service sections and the delivery of first class customer service excellence in 140 different locations to thousands of customers. As a Regional Customer Service Manager for a major UK Bank he quickly realised that service excellence and the relationship with customers is also key in achieving business results.

Using both his mix of roles and experience together with his enthusiasm and passion for developing individuals to fulfil their potential Mike’s facilitation, training and coaching is now in great demand. His areas of expertise include.

Management, leadership, personal development and customer service training: Mike delivers a wide range of leadership, individual development, management development, coaching and customer service skills training to staff at all levels. He has worked in a wide range of industries in most industrial sectors and regularly works throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Events he has been closely involved with include N Power’s team leader "inspire" programme, Manchester Airports Group Management Development Programme, BAE Systems Certificate in Management, Deutsche Banks Graduate induction programme and Northgate’s customer service improvement project.

Individual coaching and outplacement: Undertaken 1:1 coaching mentoring and career counseling at all levels, from team leaders to senior executives. Mike has supported individuals from both the private and public sectors.

Recruitment, selection and assessment centres: Having the right people and being able to develop them in the right ways starts with recruiting the right people. Mike has assessed and recruited at more than 300 development centres throughout the UK. and has participated in the selection of more than 2500 individuals at most levels up to senior management.

Mike has recently worked with Virgin Trains, Manchester Airports Group, Alliance and Leicester Bank, Barclays Bank, HBoS, Ministry of Defence, Bae Systems, QinetiQ, Direct Line Insurance, EDS, Firmenich UK, Dairy Crest, Serco, Enterprise, British Library, Pirelli Tyres (UK) Ltd, Serco, Enterprise, B Sky B, Royal Mail, Defra, Rural Payments Agency, MBC, Northgate IS, Smurfit Print, British Nuclear Group, BT, ATL Telecom, O2,Cable & Wireless, International Fund for Agricultural Development, British Gas, N Power, Wrexham Council and GE International.

As a confident communicator, effective thinker and innovative leader he designs and delivers bespoke programmes and training courses that achieve specific beneficial outcomes for both the individual participants and the organisation.



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Mike's Training Expertise

36 Years of Experience



Throughout my career I have managed and led teams that have achieved exceptional results. My management and leadership experience gave me the opportunity to try out and learn from new and innovative ideas.

Through regular communication, coaching and empowerment every individual has the potential to be inspired and become a leader.

I have managed small teams working very close by to a large remote team of 300 individuals working in ten distant locations. I have also experienced managing a multi-national team of highly skilled technical people, from 11 different countries and cultures. Teams are different but they all consist of individuals. Recognising this fact is extremely important. Spending time with each team member and through understanding them and encouraging them to develop themselves they begin to set their own goals greatly increasing the chances of team success.

In addition to be involved in major corporate programmes I have facilitated many events for individuals with leadership responsibilities at all levels from senior management to first line supervisors. Topics include coaching, communication, delegation, empowerment, facilitation, inspiring, leading, motivation and team working.

36 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service


More than ten years first hand customer service excellence experience. During this time responsible for the quality and speed of service in 140 bank branches including service provided by the counter staff , the personal bankers, the telephonists and the cash machines. Key achievements

• Improved regional inbound telephone calls performance by 82% in 2 years
• Launched a series of National Customer Service initiatives to 2500+ staff in 140 outlets
• Improved customer service by 15% in 3 months through optimising numbers of customer facing staff
• Researched developed and introduced telephone performance standards adopted by the Bank nationally.

We are all customers. We all have different expectations. The start of the road to service excellent begins here. Other topics covered on the journey to world class service include customer focus groups, agreeing service standards, service measurement, customer feedback, improving communication, process improvement, mystery shopping, empowerment. complaints handling and equality and diversity issues.

36 Years of Experience

Personal Development


More than 20 years experience in managing and developing individuals of all ages from school leavers to those in retirement. We all have something we can develop. We can make ourselves better, learn new skills and be more marketable. Working with the long term unemployed and seeing them develop and achieve sustainable long term employment has been as equally rewarding for me as seeing my own team members develop and progress up through an organisation at great pace. What is important is that everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop.

All aspects of personal development are covered in Mike’s events from lack of confidence and belief in ones own ability through to having clear long term goals and aspirations. Topics include, self appraisal, coaching, organisation and time management, communication skills, presentation skills, setting objectives, networking and self marketing.
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