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Ian M.

A Consultant from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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Ian's Specialty

Passionate about making a difference in the lives of people who he meets and making business a fun place to be

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Ian's Consulting Profile

Learning & People Development Consultant & Trainer
Ian is a dedicated and committed Organisational & People Development Consultant specialising in the design, delivery and evaluation of a wide range of subjects such as sales, customer service, call centre, coaching, management skills training and HR Development.

Ian is a member of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Professional Development), has a degree in Business Coaching and is a qualified Performance Coach and SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory) facilitator.

Before becoming a training consultant, Ian had established a strong background in sales and customer service, having previously undertaken the roles of a key account manager, mortgage specialist and manager of personal lending team, within a major international finance company.

Ian then moved into a training and development role, where he was the National Training Manager responsible for the development and delivery of training programmes to all front line sales staff, key account managers and call centre staff. Ian’s flexible style and knowledge of European and Middle Eastern cultures, allows him to fully understand the needs of his audience and adapt his training sessions accordingly.

Ian strongly believes that the learning experience should be fun and always creates a professional, energetic and interactive atmospheric in all his training sessions.

Specialist Areas

* Sales Manager Development
* Performance Management
* Customer Service Excellence Training
* Leadership Development
* Team Development
* Sales Training
* Coaching to Excel
* Human Resource Management
* Behavioural Awareness
* Training Team Development
* Communications Skills
* NLP Training
* Call Centre Training
* Consultancy Skills
* Time & Stress Management
* Problem Solving & Decision Making
* Emotional Intelligence
* Presentation Skills



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Ian's Consulting Expertise

32 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

Ian has worked in the service industry for many years and customer service is a passion of his. His ultimate aim is to achieve a global change in the levels of customer service available.

32 Years of Experience

Sales - Specialised

Ian worked in a sales relationship role for 6 years and managed a sales team for 7 years as well as train in the subject.

32 Years of Experience


Although not a formally educated specialist on management subjects, Ian has become a professional in this area having worked in a management role for many years and trained for the last 17 years
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