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A Business Speaker from London, United Kingdom

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International sales & motivational speaker
Frank has over twenty years experience as a Sales Consultant, Trainer and Senior Manager and has twice qualified for 'MDRT Top of the Table' (the top half percent of financial services salespeople in the world). Originally from South Africa, he is now a London based motivator, trainer and international speaker.

For 2003/2004 Frank is the President of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe and Chair of the International PEG for the National Speakers Association of the USA.

Frank is the founder and past President of the Northwest London Speakers Club. In November 1997 in Ireland, Toastmasters International recognised Frank as one of the top five 'humorous' speakers in the UK.

In August 2001 he was the only non-American listed in the USA "Meetings & Conventions" magazine as being one of the ten most sought after speakers on the professional speaking circuit. He is in great demand as a motivational and after dinner speaker and is a member of the National Speakers Association (USA) and a founder member of the Professional Speakers Association in the United Kingdom.

He has been a guest on many radio talkback shows internationally, speaking on goal setting, motivation and positive mental attitude.

Frank started his training and development company in 1997 and is currently working with many Blue Chip Companies. Internationally Frank is recognised as one of the world's top motivators, trainers & keynote speakers. He is currently spending 70% of his time abroad working in thirty-five countries & has clients from Russia to Hong Kong, UAE to Malaysia.



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Frank's Speaking Expertise

35 Years of Experience


In today's competitive market, organisations need managers and leaders. he tells of the di The Company erences and what is needed for individuals to develop these skills simultaneously.

35 Years of Experience

Sales - Specialised

It's back to basics that we tend to forget. He touches on all the bases needed to be a great salesperson. Entertaining, laced with many individual experiences and practical tips.

35 Years of Experience

General Management

When we're born, we are all given a magic wand. Some make dreams come true and others don't even bother to look at the wand. Listen to the secrets of goal setting and personal development and stories of individuals who have reached great heights.
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