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A Business Speaker from Warrington, United Kingdom

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Highly Experienced International Speaker
When you listen to a speaker, you want not just content, but a powerful, memorable experience, Where you, the audience are engaged at both an emotional and intellectual level. Many describe this as the 'wow factor'. That is Paul's aim - to deliver a memorable, motivational and moving on experience - to wow the audience. Paul wants to help the people he works with throughout the world to 'move on' to discover and implement solutions that impact individuals and the bottom line.

Paul has been described as a motivational speaker who inspires and informs. His experience to date has seen me working in 17 countries, including America, Asia, Africa and Europe. He is one of only a handful of people who is both a founder member and Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe. His degree incorporated behavioural and social psychology and he has diplomas in performance coaching and counselling.

Paul's background is in Human Resource Management with Unilever, where he developed and honed his skills as a manager. He is author of 4 books that has sold internationally and has also appeared on radio and television. He was recently interviewed by the BBC on what advice he would give Tony and Cherie Blair on how to handle stress.

He has been running his own training and speaking business since 1991. His clients include Manchester United Football Club as well as other global business such as Shell Chemicals and Fujitsu. One client wrote of his work, "motivational speakers often simply impress with examples of how they themselves achieved extraordinary things. You were different. You left each of us with practical help to deal with getting the best out of ourselves and others. The feedback has been outstanding".

Paul is passionate about people reaching their potential and passionate about developing his skills as a speaker. That is why he spend thousands of Dollars each year developing and crafting his skills. Reaching the top of your profession is hard work, staying there is even harder. That is why he is committed to investing in his growth, so he can give of his very best to his audience.

Paul's guarantee to you is simply; He promises 'No bull, no boredom, just brilliant ideas'.



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Paul's Speaking Expertise

30 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

If winning and retaining customers is your goal, then you have to hear the presentation ?Absolutely MAD for Customers?. My focus is on the fact that you can have a great product and great systems, but you need great people. In this motivational presentation, people are shown how to ?Make A Difference? to their customers.

36 Years of Experience


In a rapidly changing and challenging world, all staff need inspiration and motivation. A speaker who motivates and makes his audience laugh, is rare, but to provide motivation, humour and content is rarer still. This is my guarantee to my audiences. Drawing on my background in psychology, along with my own personal journey, my audience leaves with a greater understanding of how to maintain their motivation long after the presentation is over.

36 Years of Experience

Stress Management

In this inspirational and enlightening presentation, the audience learns what some of the biggest causes of stress in our lives actually are. We explode the various myths around stress as well as discover practical strategies on how to address the issues faced by people working in todays rapidly changing environment. I am author of the book ?59 Minutes To A Calmer Life? and am regularly interviewed by the media on this subject.
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