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Suzanne H.

Gumshoe Granny The Investigative Speaker

A specialist Business Speaker from Brisbane Queensland, Australia

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Capability Development

With 20 years as a specialist private investigator, I trained and guided hundreds of young and not-so-young people wanting to fulfill their dreams of entering an exciting and challenging industry. Skills taught were observation skills, communications, employee theft, domestic investigations, personal protection etc. Workshops include "Finding the Facts and Solving the Problems in the Workplace" and "Running on Empty" How to operate at top level in the workplace. Another branch of my work as a P.I. was locating thousands of people associated with adoption. Reunions came from around the globe.

45 Years specialisation in

Armed with many years of personal experience, I have introduced workshops that inspire, motivate and guide people to reach their dreams. As an international author, professional Numerologist,Adoption Mediator and location specialist, I teach my motto, "Every mind searches for the truth, every Body craves good health and every Soul needs awakening" Every workshop offers personal empowerment, spiritual awareness and how to understand the importance of knowing your true purpose in life with the help of Numerology. "Dancing to your own Tune", Live your life, love your future" are favourites.

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Gumshoe Granny The Investigative Speaker

Suzanne is a businesswoman who has lived a life filled with many life-challenging events. As an international author, feature film script writer, workshop facilitator, professional numerologist, former private investigator and former Founder/Director of Investigations and Security Academy. Director of several Consultancy Services firms, she realized that in order to move with the times, one has to be aware of the changing world in which we all live and work.

Today she travels around the country sharing her many inspiring stories with people from all walks of life who are seeking answers that will enhance their lives, professionally and personally. As a keynote speaker, Suzanne has empowered and encouraged thousands of people from all walks of life sharing her many stories of a journey that began many decades ago. She is now living the life she was meant to live and shares her secrets with others who dare to dream. Her messages and stories are inspirational and her ideas are thought provoking yet grounded in reality.

Suzanne's real journey began when she was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, and only then did the light come on for her when she realized she had the power and passion to live her live just the way she wanted and had originally planned when she was first born and with the promises she makes to herself daily, she is on a journey of spiritual discovery with every new day offering her choices to make her dreams come to fruition.

Suzanne's professions over the years has included self employment, adoption location and reunion specialist, hospitality and music teacher, private investigations, management, training, and most recently, an inspiration feature film script writer, international author and keynote speaker.

There appears to be significant changes are a result of modern-day lifestyles and expectations and people becoming more open about their true purpose in life. There is a swing towards educating people from all walks of life the importance of treating the Mind, Body and Spirit in the workplace as well as in the home. The trend is towards utilizing many of the New Age Sciences to teach people how to live their life with PASSION, POWER & PURPOSE.
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