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Layla H.

A Consultant from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Performance Consultant
Layla is a human resources specialist with an extensive background in strategic human resources and management. Currently, she is studying for a PhD in Management with Lancaster University in the UK. For more than 15 years, Layla has been working in the GCC and in the Middle East with various educational, governmental, not-for-profit organizations, and multinationals like General Electric and the United Nations system. She has extensive experience with the private, public and not-for-profit sectors both as an internal and an external consultant and has been involved in a multitude of projects - including training, performance improvement, organizational audits, and HR-related projects such as competency systems.

As an HR and performance consultant, Layla's approach focuses on business and bottom-line results rather than isolated or fragmented solutions that may, or may not, improve organizational performance. Once again relying on the principles of human performance improvement, Layla begins all her projects with an analysis of the business needs and the current organizational performance levels so that all interventions and solutions are linked to business goals and guaranteed to impact the overall bottom-line. She has managed and implemented numerous strategic and operational HR projects including, designing and implementing competency frameworks, designing and implementing assessment and development centers, designing performance management systems and developing policy and procedure systems.

While Leadership and Human Resources Management & Development are her primary areas of expertise, she has also developed, designed and delivered programs in other areas of focus including intercultural communication, strategic planning, career management, and managerial communication to name but a few. A firm believer in the principles of human performance improvement, Layla endeavors to create and deliver high-impact training programs utilizing established principles of adult and participative learning to address the needs of the participants in an experiential manner. At the same time, the training ensures the maximum transfer of knowledge and learning and maximizes the clients' return on investment.

Layla’s Specialties:

- Human Resources
- Organizational Development
- Leadership Development



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Layla's Consulting Expertise

35 Years of Experience

Performance Management

Worked extensively on various human and organziational performance management interventions including 360-degree feedback systems, balanced scorecard, and employee performance appraisal schemes.

35 Years of Experience

Human Resources

HR competency-based systems, career succession systems, national development programs, effective recruitment and retention strategies, performance management, as well as HR policies and systems.

35 Years of Experience

Education and Training

Extensive background in training and development focusing on leadership and management development programs.
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