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Constantin V.  
A Consultant from Brisbane, Australia

Enabling clients' management to create superior enterprises

Constantin V.
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I work with clients to transform their successful organizations into superior enterprises
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Performance Management * 28 Years

Traditionally performance is seen as the achievement of certain targets or
KPIs. Performance is causal, therefore correlative measures such as targets or KPIs are irrelevant as measurement tools and unsuitable as management tools.

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Corporate Culture * 28 Years

There is an old saying that, if you do not manage your organization’s culture, you will end up with the one you deserve. (which is not often the one you wish for, nor the one you believe you actually have) So, what determines a culture? A culture is determined by the direction (Purpose, vision) of the system (organization) and ring-fenced (held in check, bordered) by implicit, shared, values.
Explicit, declared, values have no impact on a culture unless they are identical with the implicit and shared values.

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Management * 28 Years

The lack of managerial core-competencies, fueled by outdated promotion strategies, and amplified by doubts on purpose, poses a serious threat to the effectiveness of managers in many organizations world-wide.

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A professional Consultant, here ...
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Enabling clients' management to create superior enterprises

Constantin installs in his clients' management the awareness that the solution to current problems requires new thinking, new competencies.

His clients select him for his ability to highlight issues that cannot readily be seen using current methodologies, 'best practices' or 'world class' benchmarks, as well as for the ability to enable them to address these.

Operationally, Constantin becomes a trusted advisor, supporting projects in Corporate Renewal, Culture Transformation, Performance Management (corporate and people), Management Effectiveness, Competency Management, Remuneration Strategy, and Strategy Dynamics, and assists to gain legendary results.

He has developed holistic concepts that consist of completely descriptive and highly innovative frameworks, which allows him to work in very diverse cultural environments as well as across industries and organization sizes – and which gained him the reputation as a thought leader.
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Brisbane, Australia

Compact and to the point
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GE AerospaceHenkelLego and many moreMicrosoftGSK
High energy leader facilitator and strategist with sound multinational experience and subject matter expertise second to none
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