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Constantin V.

A Consultant from Brisbane, Australia

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I work with clients to transform their successful organizations into superior enterprises

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Transforming good organizations into superior enterprises
A trusted advisor to organizations that truly want to build sustainable high performance while fulfilling their ethical, social and economic responsibilities in an ever more complex environment.

Enterprises the world over struggle to create sustainable high performance, to transform their cultures, and to build a management team that can deal effectively and efficiently with a constantly changing reality. This puts a whole world of new and different challenges, away from compliance thinking, not only on leaders but people in general. This also leads to requirements that contradict the emphasis over the last decades on narrowly defined specialization and suppression of emotions.

Individuals or organizations looking for a trusted advisor, an executive coach, or mentor, will benefit from solid coaching, mentoring, and advisory expertise and experience from over 25 years as a skilled leader and catalyst. I have worked in over 15 countries on all continents and possess exceptional expertise in corporate renewal, culture transformation, performance management, organization design, management effectiveness, and remuneration strategy.

I see my task, responsibility, and value as coach or mentor as a catalyst. And in the role as catalyst vis a vis individuals to make them aware of the influencing role unconscious emotions and feelings play in their conscious choices and thinking, and facilitate coachees to consciously engage their thinking towards more beneficial outcomes by being aware of as well as being able to categorize and use their underlying emotions and feelings.

In the role as catalyst vis a vis teams, I make teams aware of the emotional drivers underlying team dynamics and team thinking in order that each member will become aware and able to use their unconscious emotions to enable them to use new ways of thinking to reach more beneficial outcomes for the team taking into consideration the benefits of the team environment while avoiding the dangers of team-think.



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Constantin's Consulting Expertise

34 Years of Experience

Performance Management

Traditionally performance is seen as the achievement of certain targets or
KPIs. Performance is causal, therefore correlative measures such as targets or KPIs are irrelevant as measurement tools and unsuitable as management tools.

34 Years of Experience

Corporate Culture

There is an old saying that, if you do not manage your organization's culture, you will end up with the one you deserve. (which is not often the one you wish for, nor the one you believe you actually have) So, what determines a culture? Culture is determined by the direction (Purpose, vision) of the system (organization) and ring-fenced (held in check, bordered) by implicit, shared values.
Explicit, declared, values have no impact on a culture unless they are identical with the implicit and shared values.

34 Years of Experience


The lack of managerial core-competencies, fueled by outdated promotion strategies, and amplified by doubts on purpose, poses a serious threat to the effectiveness of managers in many organizations world-wide.
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