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John H.

A Consultant from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Instrumental in creating superior enterprises
John is a management consultant by passion, speaker and trainer extraordinaire by demand. JR is working with clients around the globe on projects supporting Corporate Performance Management, Management Effectiveness, and Strategy Dynamics - with astonishing results.

Corporate Performance Management (People, System, Processes), Management Effectiveness (People, Structure), Strategy Dynamics

He works as partner of his clients providing innovative and highly effective support for projects addressing corporate performance management, management effectiveness, and strategy dynamics. The consulting methodology follows the innovative character of our practice.

Besides innovative and provocative thinking, my prime expertise is an ability to induce substantial change in organizations without bringing in herds of colleagues.

John sees himself primarily as catalyst. With outstanding expertise and substantial experience he is able to guide people to develop approach, systems, and processes that will move their organization to exactly that higher plateau of performance. Furthermore, the holistic and highly innovative & effective organizational framework he has developed in over 20 years consulting expertise is very much descriptive not prescriptive. Therefore John is at ease in very different corporate as well as different cultural environments.

In his assignments and even in outright training projects he never follows the herd or 'flavour of the month' philosophies, neither does political correctness play a part; John is passionate about moving the enterprise to a higher plateau of performance.

With this methodology, clients don't experience any of the common issues like 'the difficulty in transferring ownership of the newly introduced approaches' and 'overcoming change resistance among the people', or 'difficulty of implementing & maintaining the new systems and processes'.

In brief: John avoids all of the usual failure causes of typical consulting projects, and therewith he is able to be instrumental in the creation of a truly superior enterprise



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John's Consulting Expertise

37 Years of Experience

Performance Management

KPIs (Vs 3.0!!)
Causal Relationship management and measurement
Competency Management
Resource Architecture
Stakeholder Management (Measurement, Satisfaction, Understanding)
High Performance Structure

37 Years of Experience

Strategic Planning

Strategic maps
Causal loops
Resource & Capability Management
Competitive Advantage
Strategic architecture
Market clock speeds

37 Years of Experience

Human Resources

People Performance Assessment
Collaborative Management (Vs 4.0!!)
Succession Planning
Systems Dynamics
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