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A Consultant from London, United Kingdom

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Performance & Reward Consultant
Richard is an experienced Human Resource practitioner with over thirty years HR experience in the healthcare, airline, distribution and financial sectors both in the UK and Middle East.

Before establishing his company, Richard was Global Head of Human Resources for Baring Asset Management, and a member of the main board.

He previously held personnel positions in New Japan Securities, Gulf Air, Booker plc and British Airways. Richard, a graduate of The City University, London is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

He was a member of Fund Managers Association Standing Sub Committee on education and training from 1991-1998 and a member of IMRO (now FSA) Training and Competence Working Group in 1994.

He was Leader of the Remuneration Special Interest Group for the Central London branch of the CIPD from 2002-4 and Visiting Lecturer in Reward at the University of Westminster Business School 2003-4.

He is a regular contributor to the Financial Times on reward issues and a speaker at international conferences.



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Richard's Consulting Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Performance Management

Board objective setting
SMART objectives cascade
Competence & capability research
Linking performance and reward

45 Years of Experience

Compensation and Benefits

Linking performance and reward
Bespoke remuneration surveys
Asset management remuneration surveys

45 Years of Experience

Human Resources

Human Resources strategy
Human Capital metrics
Human Resoures benchmarking
Human Resources Audit
Interim Human Resources management
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