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Randy P.

A Business Speaker from Toronto, Canada

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Randy holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics and a Master's in Engineering Physics, both degrees which require considerable amounts of thinking. But while working in technology and design Randy observed that almost everyone has moments when they don't think very well. After studying and presenting on how people act, interact, and communicate, Randy realized that many problems arise when we don't understand our thinking processes and our own thinking strengths and traps.

Through simple yet powerful exercises, examples, and stories, Randy helps his audiences think about thinking - and improve their decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, strategic planning, and interpersonal communications. By consciously working to improve our thinking we can also improve our attitude and experience of life.

Randy is a Professional level member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. A business owner for over sixteen years, he has presented to dozens of organizations and thousands of people. Randy has numerous articles in print and on the Internet.

Randy is also an accomplished sailor, having competed in sailing races since he was twelve and raced in regattas (including two world championships) in North America and Europe in the past thirty years. He has also sailed from Hawaii to Vancouver, Canada. The use of strategy and effective thinking is crucial in sailing, and some of Randy's material draws on his extensive sailing experience.

Randy has spoken to wide ranging audiences in the past fifteen years. His keynote presentations are on The Company - techniques to help you think more effectively and reach your goals sooner.

Of course all his keynote presentations are customized for each audience. This involves interviewing key people to identify the current issues for the audience and incorporating these issues in the presentation.

Breakout session presentations and workshops on The Company are particularly effective at pulling together other aspects of your events, and helping attendees create an action plan.



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Randy's Speaking Expertise

30 Years of Experience

Performance Management

The three most common reason's people don't think to their potential are:
-People aren't encouraged to think
-People aren't allowed to think
-People don't know how to think better
For truly committed companies, identifying how the best performers think and make decisions, they teaching that to others, provides a significant performance boost.

32 Years of Experience

Capability Development

Most people don't think to their potential because they have never examined or worked to improve their thinking. An understanding of thinking combined with practical tools for decision making, problem solving, and creativity allows people to perform to their best.

32 Years of Experience

Change Management

Changing human behaviour starts with understanding human behaviour in a practical way. It continues with communicating benefits in a manner they can understand.
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