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Garth Roberts, GV Productions Ltd, a specialist Business Speaker from Calgary, Alberta | Expertbase

Garth R.    

A specialist Business Speaker from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Communication in Leadership Specialist

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Garth's Speaking Experience

56 Years specialisation in

Analysis of current communication systems, design of new processes and coaching for change within the leadership team.

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41 Years specialisation in
Education and Training

Effective development of training materials to provide hands-on training and coaching sessions. Provide effective follow-up to training to ensure long-term change.

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56 Years specialisation in

Customize the speaking and training to fit the audience. Each audience deserves an appropriate, innovative message to stimulate growth and change.

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Garth R.'s Profile

Communication in Leadership Specialist

Garth has achieved the honour of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) by the National Speakers Association and National Speakers Federation.

Garth worked in television for over ten years as a writer, producer, and director, winning awards for his documentary writing. For the past 30 years Garth has worked in education as a television and film scriptwriting instructor, a corporate trainer, a facilitator, and as a mentor to countless students, workshop participants, and staff members. He is a co-author of Greening Granny's Kitchen and contributing author to Getting Things Done: Successful Men Speak.

Garth develops and presents his speeches and workshops with the goal of satisfying the "what's in it for me" question from the audience.

His clients come from diverse fields such as housing, construction, railway, manufacturing, petroleum, printing, education, and transportation. He holds facilitation certifications from Zenger Miller, and Achieve Global.
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Calgary Chamber of Commerce
Western Automotive & Western Collision - feature articles - both publications have ceased operation
Connect with diverse audiences provide specific applicable messages and follow-up to message impact
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Past International Experience - Shanghai, China - 1997
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