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Manju R.

A Business Trainer from New Delhi, India

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Creative Thinking Communication Skills Executive Coaching
Manju R has a graduate degree in Education and has Post Graduate degrees in English Literature and Environmental Studies. She is also a certified coach from Results Coaching Systems Australia- A neuroscience based, International coach federation recognised programme.

Manju R is passionate about closing the gap between where people are and where they want to be. She has avidly studied Creative Thinking for a decade and developed training modules on various aspects of Creative thinking. She has trained more than a thousand individuals in the last three years- from 13 year olds to senior executives in a fortune 500 Company, to teachers and management students. Her training workshops are marked by intensity, energy, participant interest and durable takeaways for trainees.

Her amateur interest in theatre, deep study, wide travels and excellent communication skills add to the freshness and energy in her programmes.

She has intensively trained in neuroscience based coaching, and based on this conducted two management development training programmes in higher order communication skills for leaders at GE Money and Punjab National Bank. Both the workshops invited repeat invitations.

Manju R believes that creative thinking needs to be learnt as a skill, to be applied not only for innovation and problem solving but also for realising our own true potential and of people under our care.
Her background is in Education, Administration and Social Entrepreneurship.

Some of her recent clients are:
1. Punjab National Bank
2. GE Money
3. Xerox India
4. Army War College
5. Army Welfare Education Society
6. Emerald Heights International School
7. Rampur Chamber of Commerce
8. Amity University



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Manju's Training Expertise

35 Years of Experience

Education and Training

As a Trained Teacher, taught children in the jungles of north east India to more elite schools of the country,also taught business communication at India's leading private University. Conducted Faculty and Student development Programmes, besides organising exra curricular activities writing, directing plays for my students and my social group. Invited as guest faculty to management institutes, conducted training for school children to senior executives of fortune 500 Companies, also open programmes on Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurship

25 Years of Experience


Studied Creativity, and conducted personal research on the relationship between Creative thinking and communication skills. Have trained more than 1000 lndividuals in skills of Creative Thinking.

16 Years of Experience


Certified Coach from Results Coaching Systems Australia- A neuroscience based International Coach Federation recognised Programme.Trained for over 72 hours and did professional coaching for 90 hours besides conducting neuro science based management development programmes for Punjab National Bank and GE Money for GE Women's Network.
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