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A specialist Business Trainer from London, United Kingdom

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34 Years specialisation in

Orgainsatioanl effectiveness is akin to Human Management - Leadership Principles. To levarage your organisational activities so that it impacts postively on your bottom line, you need to know which leadership principles aid the leader, which ones motivates the employee and which one affect the dynamics of business.

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34 Years specialisation in
Success Building

Find out how to define and identify your true purpose in life, discover how to develop and expand your dreams, learn 7 practical steps for turning your dreams into specific goals and achievable objectives.

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34 Years specialisation in

Martial Art Coach
Speech developement Coach
Executive Coach

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International Speaker

Francis has demonstrated his educational ability in various institutions around the world stretching from London to the Middle East since the early 1990s. He has in-depth knowledge of his subject areas; hence he finds creative ways to help his delegates/trainees to relate to the subject material. Francis says that can teach anybody no matter how academically challenged they may seem, provided they want to learn.

A Martial Artist for over 30 years and a Martial Arts Instructor for over 23 and Team Captain of the Great Britain Gold Winning Karate Team 1994 – 1996.

His academic training, lectureship and leading experience has been instrumental in helping him articulate, extract and transfer the self-mastery, leadership, discipline and winning philosophies from the Martial Arts into Business & Leadership Principles, which he shares with organisations by advising them on how to develop great leaders and effective leadership.

Francis has over 20 years practice in developing and delivery learning programmes in the academic, business and sporting sector. For the past decade he has been training, advising and helping organisations on how to grow their human capital as well as enhance there leadership effectiveness. Past clients include:

SurfControl Riverside, Cheshire:
Two week leadership programme for the sales force. The service level agreement was, to design, develop and delivery a leadership programme suitable for a group of potential young leaders.

Park Inn Hotel, Watford:
Six months duration (2 days a week). The service level agreement to provide, leadership training, consultancy to the General Manager plus Heads of Department, as well as implement strategy for resolving the air of negative attitude, poor performance & lack of motivation permeating through the organisation.

etc.venues, London
Motivational Keynote talk at their Business Breakfast Morning. Related project also now in progress.

Provides training in:
* Leadership
* Motivational Theories
* Information Systems and Database Design
* Organisational Behaviour
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London, United Kingdom

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Professional Speaker Association (PSA) Institute Of Directors (IOD) Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM)
I have personal integrity I'm a people person effective communicator and nice guy
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