Credibility: The New Leadership Currency

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There are very few individuals or groups of individual in government, commercial or voluntary organisation that are called upon, chosen, or bestowed with the mantel of leadership. For these few individuals their every behaviour and discourse are always subject to open scrutiny, and we expect them to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the role that they are playing.
During these past decades we have witnessed individuals, in leadership positions allow, their character to slip, subsequently leading to them behaving in ways unbecoming a responsible person. Their behaviour, words and even their thought process portray an undignified person lacking in integrity. There is nothing more soul wrenching than seeing someone (a role model) that you look up to, that you look to for guidance behaving in a way that is unscrupulous or saying something that is or will cause offense.

The wind of change is upon us and with it we are making a hard demand of those in positions of leadership, that they start behaving with character, befitting a responsible person charged with development and wellbeing of their followers. In their daily lives, their private, public and secret lives, these leaders are asked to think, speak, and act in both an upright and distinguished manner.

The time will soon be upon us when we will be looking for a new type of leader (A Leader of Substance), one that will step up to the plate and take us forward with dignity and integrity to build a better tomorrow. When we embark on this leadership era, the call will be for Leaders of Substance; the only currency that will buy each candidate a headship position is credibility; credibility of thought, credibility of discourse, and credibility of action (behaviour), not just during office hours, but also during their private and secret time.

Credibility is the leadership currency for the future and non-credible people need not apply.
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